Reviews: Anonymous

Location: USA, Gender: Male, Age: 41

The guy who runs this place is nice and very helpful. The facilities are not at all fancy. If you care about looks you might want to find something else. There is no big sign or anything in the front - it looks pretty run down. But if you want just a basic place to stay it can be alright.


Rome, Italy

I had a reservation for 3 nights, but we only stayed one. I went to take a shower on the first night and the shower head fell apart. There was one staff guy there but he wasn't very helpful. This isn't a regular hotel. It seems to be just a few rooms in a shabby building.

Journeys Brighton Hostel

Brighton, England

I stayed in room 9 - there are 3-level bunks. The beds are made of metal and very squeeky. Despite my best efforts (I weigh 63 kg), it was impossible to enter/move around without making noise. Also, outside that room there's a window and a stoop. It had rained and all I could hear for several hours was the "drip drip drip" sound of water dripping on the stoop. It sounds trivial and I don't complain much, but it's louder than you would think.

The Explorers Guesthouse and Hostel

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

This was a great place. One thing though, the dorm room was sooo cold!!! They really cranked the AC up. I found it very hard to sleep in that cold room, meanwhile it was so warm outside.