Reviews: Anonymous

Bahaus Hostel

Istanbul, Turkey

Great place, amazing location


Pros: Beautiful building, really easy to get to the beach and decent breakfast spread. Cons: However, the staff acts like you're bothering them if you ask questions, the 'activities' aren't that great and there's not a lot of personality. And it's a dry hostel! Definitely did not meet any new people at this hostel -- it's a very quiet, keep to yourself vibe.

Raise a Smile Hostel Berlin

Berlin, Germany

Loved it! The hostel was close to the tram and the metro, clean, comfortable and generally excellent overall. Couldn't ask for a better staff - everyone was incredibly gracious and helpful (shout out to Jamie's unparalleled art skills!) If I was a real frontier spirit and less OCD about my travel plans, I would have scrapped the rest of my trip and stuck around in Berlin. In any case, I'd definitely stay here again.