Reviews: Anonymous

Location: American, Age: 36

Kampoeng Djawa

Yogyakarta, Indonesia

We only stayed here one night during an extended airport layover, but we really enjoyed our stay. The staff is wonderful, and was able to arrange a Borobudur trip for our group that fit into our very, very brief time there. Definitely owe them a huge thank you for that!

City Hostel Seattle

Seattle, USA

I wanted to love this hostel. The reviews are consistently high, the staff is great, and the building is clean/secure/well-located. The atmosphere was a little unusual to me, though. I met some wonderful people, but it just sort of felt like the guests weren't clicking with one another for some reason. And I do realize that judging a hostel by something it has no control over - the guests' collective personalities - is a bit unfair. Hopefully my time there was an exception, and not the norm.


A very unique hostel. Actually it's more like a hybrid between a hostel and boutique hotel, with the various configurations of private rooms and dorms they offer. The small private I stayed in was just large enough for a double bed, a small refrigerator, and a few shelves to store toiletries, etc. With all of the private rooms, there seems to be less of a social atmosphere than some hostels, but the bar downstairs is a great place to meet other travelers, and I had a fun time during my stay.


Big, fun hostel right in the middle of the Granville St. bar/club/restaurant area. Going out in Vancouver can be expensive, so the food and drink specials at the bar downstairs can be a great bargain. The rooms, bathrooms, and common areas were all kept very clean, and the staff was great. The only negative that comes to mind is the size of the main common area - it's a bit small for a hostel that size, and many times there wouldn't be a single place to sit down. Otherwise, no complaints.

HI Portland - Northwest

Portland, USA

This hostel is what you generally expect from HI - very clean and secure with a great staff, but with stricter-than-normal rules on things like alcohol and quiet times. However the owners here have created a small loophole with the "Secret Garden" behind the main building where drinking is allowed. That was very nice. The location is good, too, in a nice quiet neighborhood within a 10 - 15 minute walk of most of the sites. I met some great people as well.


Probably the best hostel I've ever stayed in. Outstanding facilities, good location, remarkably clean, and the best staff I've ever encountered. I really can't think of enough good things to say about this place. If there's any drawback, it's the small kitchen...BUT they more than make up for that fact by including a prepared dinner for the guests each and every night. And that's on top of the amazing planned social activities. Stay here. You won't be disappointed.

Route 66 Hostel

Albuquerque, USA

This is a clean, secure hostel, located a short walk from the main downtown bar/club/restaurant area. It is also just a slightly-longer walk from the Old Town historic/tourist district and several good museums. As some other reviewers have noted, though, the staff does expect the guests to help out with certain chores each morning. It's hardly back-breaking labor, but I find it sketchy that this isn't mentioned anywhere in the book information, and is only first mentioned after check-in.


This is an interesting hostel/hotel. It's clean and well-located, and the staff was nice. But the majority of guests seem to be long-term residents instead of the typical traveler/backpacker you would normally expect to find. The common areas were always completely vacant whenever walked through, and there was really no social atmosphere at all. I ended up having a four-bed dorm all to myself for both nights of my stay, so I basically had a very cheap private room. That part was nice.

Abbey Court Apartments

Dublin, Ireland

Outstanding bargain. For the price of a hostel (and a fraction of the price of anything else in Dublin city center) you get a full apartment, plus access to all of the common areas in the main hostel. I really only have two small complaints - 1) one set of keys for 4 people to share can make things complicated if everyone isn't on the same schedule, and 2) no wi-fi in the apartment (have to go over to the main hostel, but they staff said they are working on this). Would definitely come back!

Aille River Hostel

Doolin, Ireland

I've stayed at Aille River twice now - once back in '05 on a solo trip, and now this most recent trip with my whole family. Both times have been excellent. Great staff, great location, and the building has as much character as you will find anywhere. Sitting around the warm fireplace in the common room talking to other travelers is unbeatable.

Copper Beech B&B

Galway, Ireland

I loved this place. The rooms, the location, the breakfast, and especially the staff, were all great. I would definitely stay here again whenever I'm back in Galway.

USA Hostels San Francisco

San Francisco, USA

Great hostel, great staff, and met so many amazing people during my stay. I usually stay away from large hostels because they can feel very impersonal. Not here, though - the planned activities like karaoke and Wii night make it so easy to meet people, as do the 4-person rooms. I would definitely stay again.

Kinlay House Dublin

Dublin, Ireland

Great location and friendly staff. I prefer smaller hostels though, and this place is huge

Lagan Backpackers

Belfast, Northern Ireland

Great hostel. Staff is fantastic.

Derry City Independent Hostel

Derry, Northern Ireland

One of the best hostels I've ever stayed in. Staff was great, good location, and Derry is wonderful.

Friend's Hostel

Paris, France

This place really helped me out in that I was able to get a bed on only 1 day's notice in the middle of the summer, which is rare in Paris. I ended up here after the fine folks at Lucky Youth had no record of my reservation, which I made 3 weeks in advance, but that's for another review. Anyway, this place is near Montmartre (which is a dodgy area) and Gare du Nord (which is nice if you're going to/arriving from London like I was). It is pretty far from the main touristy sights though (Lourve, Eiffel Tower, etc). The rooms are kept more or less clean, but there was a weird smell in the kitchen. The staff was cool, and depending on who is in charge on a given night, they may leave the courtyard/common area open later than they're supposed to.


This is a good hostel that could be great with a few minor changes. First of all, it is pretty far from the main part of town (you WILL be riding the bus), but they tell you that up front, so no worries. The chapel/common area is nice - they serve cheap beer and wine all night (there was a group of us there until at least 4 AM one night), and since you're so far from town most people just stay there. Great social atmosphere. BUT that's where the problem comes in - the staff seems genuinely surprised/angry that it gets a little noisey when you serve alcohol all night long to a group of 50 or more 20-somethings. As easy as it would be to just close everything at a certain time, they choose to keep serving and then yell about the noise (rather rudely too, I might add). To be fair though, most of the staff is very friendly (there are a few jerks, but that tends to happen at larger hostels for some reason)

Cinque Terre Holidays

Cinque Terre, Italy

This isn't exacty a hostel.....the owner just owns random rooms scattered all around the town and rents them out (mine had 3 beds, I met other folks who ended up with 6). All that really means is that it doesn't have some of the social aspects of "real" hostels. Not a problem though - Riomaggiore is so small and friendly that after 2 or 3 days you'll meet everyone in town anyway.