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Location: USA, Gender: Male, Age: 40

HI Sacramento

Sacramento, USA

Best value for accommodation in Sacramento. The location can't be beat. The only thing I don't like about HI hostels is the plethora of rules and extra charges, but all of that is clearly laid out, so you know what to expect. The place is clean, the staff is pretty cool (they enforce the rules tactfully), the WIFI works and the facilities are more than adequate. Don't miss the free breakfast and don't forget to check out the basement, which has the TV room, computer room and library.

New Road Guest House

Bangkok, Thailand

This is a great place to stay in Bangkok. It is not so far from the train station, so it is perfect if traveling by train. The facility is MUCH nicer for the same price you would pay for mediocre accommodation near Kau Wa San Road. I was very favorably impressed with the staff -- very professional and eager to help. The surrounding neighborhood is a business district, so it represents more of the real Bangkok than the touristy areas, and provides everything a traveler would really need.

Sihome Backpackers Hostel

Vientiane, Laos

A nice place to stay. The best things: free breakfast, awesome showers, clean and modern facilities, easy to meet other travelers. The location is good for finding shops, restaurants, laundry, etc. nearby; but it is not especially near to any of the attractions or transport hubs. They have a good business model for running the place: keep the price low and make money by offering extras. The staff do their jobs well and keep the place running like a well-oiled machine.

Me Mates Villa

Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Excellent place to stay in Phnom Penh. I was favorably impressed with the facilities. Its a bit hard to find, down a short driveway off the main street. From Preah Norodom Blvd, turn east onto Street 184 (also known as Keo Chea Street) go about 60 meeters and turn left down the small alley. You will see the sign on the building. Also, while in Phnom Penh be careful of bag snatchings from thieves on motorbikes. This area is heavily targeted because of the abundance of tourists.

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Thank you very much for choosing Me Mates Villa as your accommodation choice while you were in Phnom Penh. I have read your comment and I greatly appreciate that you took the time to writhe the review. It was a pleasure to have you as my guest, and I would like to this opportunity to thank you for your collaboration and I hope to see you again at Me Mates Villa.

Step Inn Guest House and Hostel

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Overall good place to chill out. The hangout areas have an outdoorsy feel. This place is cleaner than the accommodation that you find in Chinatown (some of the places in Chinatown are really filthy). However, the best thing about this place is that there are no bed bugs! Bed bugs are a huge problem in KL, and they do not discriminate, meaning that even some of the nicer hostels can be badly infested. Not a problem here, though. The staff is really helpful, friendly and laid back too.

Hostel Cosmopolitan

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

BED BUGS! (0% rating) Larger and smarter than other bed bugs, leaving blood stains on the sheets. Through no fault of the management, what is IN EVERY OTHER RESPECT A GREAT HOSTEL has been ruined. A personal friend of the owner heard us discuss the issue and said that he would make sure the owner is informed. I hope we will soon hear this problem is FULLY RESOLVED. Until then, NO ONE SHOULD STAY HERE, because these bugs WILL get into your luggage, only to SPREAD THE PROBLEM to other hostels


Pondicherry, India

This is an Ashram. Good value for the Rupee. Facilities are nice by Indian standards. Located in a neighborhood far from the touristy area, not central, but accessible by the cheap city bus system. Not at all easy to find, but the locals will point the way and there is a clear sign on the wall. For anything beyond the basics, you pay extra - they have a clear price list. Forget the washer - clothes still dirty and sopping wet, so I didn't pay. Most importanly, filter water & WIFI is free.

Hotel Windsor Mumbai

Mumbai, India

Best point: LOCATION. This hotel is perfectly located within walking distance of the main terminus of the metro system and CST railway. Getting around the city from here northwards is very easy and cheap. Going south to the more touristy areas is not difficult either. The Hotel is on a side street, do your homework to make sure you can find it. The WIFI is a nice prerk that is not common in India; nice to have despite the restrictions. For luggage storage, use the train station cloak room.

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Greetings From Hotel Windsor Thank u for ur valuable comment.... hope to serve u again

Hostel New King

New Delhi, India

This hostel appears to be under new managment. It is the same reception as Kuldeep. When I arrived, they for whatever reason could not accomodate me in the New King dorms, so they upgraded me to a much nicer private room in an afilliated hotel at no extra charge. I therefore can't review the hostel, but this show the staff is quite consciencious. It was a bit hard to find. Take the tiny alley across from Hotel Vivek (a well known hotel), walk straight to the end, turn left & walk 5 meters.

Crystal Hostel

Accra, Ghana

The hostel is difficult to find (GPS +5° 35' 30.2", -0° 15' 12.3") and not at all central, but has available services nearby, though not to the extent implied in the description. They no longer have internet service, but the laundry service is cheap. The rooms are pretty nice. The staff is a bit indifferent or often unavailable. Good place to meet other travelers. I ended up moving to Ikando House (+5° 34' 30.6", -0° 12' 4.6"), its much more central, the internet works and they have hot water.

Annexe Kingz Plaza

Dakar, Senegal

Definitely the best deal available in Dakar.

Prima Base Hostel

Rome, Italy

A more affordable option for visiting Rome. A decent hostel -- I have no complaints and the staff was nice and very helpful, especially the Bengali guy that manages the place. Awesome kitchen and a resonably priced grocery store not too far away. A bit of a commute to Rome center on the bus & subway, but its relatively quick and painless. Basically your trading off location for price.

Sol Hostel

Madrid, Spain

Great place to meet people. The staff is pretty cool. The building itself feels somewhat institutional, but they have spruced up the common areas enough. They have an OK kitchen that gets the job done. They had to move us because of an urgent plumbing issue, but they made all the necessary arrangements for us in another hostel, which was appreciated. Overall I enjoyed my stay a great deal because of the staff and the other guests that were there -- everything else was adequate.

Funky Cordoba

Cordoba, Spain

The staff is very helpful and friendly -- especially the front desk attendant that found my wallet with 20 euro in it and returned it to me! Thanks. A few items are in disrepair, but nothing that can't be worked around -- for example the oven does't work, but the stove and microwave do -- so buy stuff that you would cook with the stove or mico instead of the oven -- easy. Overall, its not a bad place to stay for a few nights for exploring the city, as long as you weren't expecting the Ritz.

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hi Roy, thank you very much for the comment and take care. I m sure who was the recepcionist who gave you your wallet back,jeje. be happy.we hope you return here.

Sevilla Inn Backpackers

Seville, Spain

This could be the best hostel I have stayed in (of 30+). Awesome location right near the cathedral. Great common areas that are comfortable and a good place to meet people. The staff is constanly tidying up. Everything works and the WIFI reaches everywhere. Breakfast is simple but good - and a nice touch. Hot water is a bit come & go, but that´s a rather minor complaint. The free walking tour with Juan (did the PM tour in spanish) is quite impressive. Thanks for a great time in Sevilla!

Hostal Facundo

Tarifa, Spain

Nice place. Friendly staff. Great kitchen. Internet works well from the common areas, but not in all of the rooms. I would stay here again if ever in Tarifa.

Kabul Backpackers Hostel

Barcelona, Spain

Bummer is you only get an internet allowance of 15 min/day & have to pay for extra. Had a party hostel crowd when I was there, guests were VERY loud (not the hostel´s fault) in the room every night until 1 AM when the hostel´s pub crawl began and they all mercifully left. The lockers are battery operated by a key FOB; some have trouble locking & unlocking, but staff were always able to resolve the problem quickly. Staff is chill & the dinner is small but delicious, but be early or lose out!

3Dogs Hostel

Sao Paulo, Brazil

Good typical Brazilian hostel. Close to the Metro (about 250 meters) by São Paolo standards, which is very important. It is in an upscale and quite neighborhood. Had no trouble finding it, but you ought to take a good look at the map zoomed in before heading there, as it is on a residential backstreet. Chill place and good for meeting other travelers.

Tupiniquim Hostel

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Nice place. Knowledable, helpful and friendly multilingual staff.

Piratas de Ipanema Guesthouse

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Cheapest accomodations in Rio. Best location ever. Very safe neighborhood. However, just don´t expect luxurious or plush or clean. The staff is super-cool, super-chill and interested that the guests have a good time in Rio. Although I liked the place and appreciate the pirate philosophy, I just have to be honest and give them the lowest possible rating on cleanliness.

Your Place Hostel

Foz do Iguacu, Brazil

Fantastic value! Nice house in a safe and quiet neighborhood. Professional, friendly and hard-working staff. Its four blocks from the nearest main road where you can catch buses to all places of interest including the airport & bus terminal. The house is bright pink and has a sign in front so its easy to spot. Lots of common space that is comfortable to hang out in and meet other guests. Breakfast was great. The WIFI is FAST. They offer a wide variety of extra services that are affordable.

Hostel Pantanal

Corumba, Brazil

A family home. The family is friendly and facilities OK. WIFI did not work, but let us use landline. Breakfast which is "included" is really +R$5. Free bus station pickup didn´t happen for myself or other guest -- just got bad walking directions (from Indianatours). There is a homeless Greek guy who they allow to come to the house - he will want to "borrow" money, but dont expect it returned. The tour agency they work with, Indianatours, is badly managed and promises things not delivered.


The staff was professional but a bit standoffish.

Unplugged Hostel Pocitos

Montevideo, Uruguay

No customer comment

La Menesunda Hostel

Buenos Aires, Argentina

No customer comment

Bello Hostel

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Owners were gracious enough to honor the price booked through hostelworld even though there was a mix-up somehow. Dorm bed should indicate US$15 or 60 pesos. The accomodations are nice. Very far from the metro, so utilize or combine other methods (nearby train station) of transport to reach the city center & bus terminal. Pleasant neighborhood. Check Bello Hostel website for proper map to get there, hostelworld map shows it in the wrong place. WIFI in the dorm is very spotty.

Savigliano International Hostel

Mendoza, Argentina

Only stayed one night, but the staff seemed friendly and polite. Can´t beat the location next to the bus terminal, with only a 5-10 minute walk to the city center. The 10 a.m. check out policy is a bit early (especially when coming from Chile because Argentina is 1 hour earlier), but they provide free luggage storage, so that helped. The building itself is quite nice and everything is kept clean.

Aji Hostel

Santiago, Chile

Great hostel. Great location. Great breakfast and dinner included. Great place to meet other travelers. The staff is pretty well on top of things. Because its such a great place, it is also very popular and the hot water can easily become exhausted, so be conscious of your hot water consumption in order to be considerate of other guests.

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Thanks so much for your comment, Roy. I'm glad you had a great stay, although I'm sorry if you experienced any inconveniences because of the hot water. While you were staying with us, one of the hot water tanks stopped functioning (thus the shortage of hot water), but it has been replaced and now there are no problems with the hot water.


No customer comment

Hostal Backpackers� Inn

Quito, Ecuador

Although it is in the "Gringolandia" part of town (Mariscal Sucre neighborhood) with many other hostels and tourist infrastructure, the area is not very safe. There are drug dealers on the street corners and homeless addicts in the streets. The hostel itself is average, with a good chill out area. The two bathrooms are not sufficient for the number of beds, but hot water was never a problem.

Hotel Pass Home

Popayan, Colombia

The family that runs the hotel is extremely warm and friendly and speak some English. The advertised free laundry service only applies in the low season; otherwise it is 15.000 pesos (US$8.30). It not reccommended to use the laundry service. Turn around was 48 hours because they don´t have a dryer and the climate is damp, clothes were not dry when finally returned. The showers use electric showerheads and you need to reduce the flow to a trickle in order to get warm water.

Hostel Sue Candelaria

Bogota, Colombia

The staff is polite, friendly and professional. There are two locations, both are in old colonial era homes. The new location has great common areas (ping pong table, lounge / internet café, TV room, garden) and is a great place to meet and socialize with other travelers. It gets cold in Bogotá, but they provide two thick blankets and have western-style hot water. Great location in Candelaría (the historic center), where most of the city´s other hostels are also located.

La Jungla House Hostel

Panama City, Panama

Feb. 18th at 2pm there was an armed robbery of the hostel. Three laptops were stolen from people who were using them at the time and one guest had $8000 US equivelant in cash and the robbers knew right where to go to find it. I had gone to lunch and my things were untouched. Three days later the police returned to continue the investigation. At that time, I overhead the detectives say that they were convinced that it was an inside job. I´m not leveling acuasations, just relaying observations.

Hostel Casa del Parque

San Jose, Costa Rica

Beautiful historical building that faces a lovely park in a quiet, safe neighborhood. Restaurants, stores & services are all nearby. Not enough lockers for dorm. I had no concerns, but overheard several times where issues raised by other guests were simply shrugged off (not by the staff, but by a guest who has an arrangement with the owner to help in exchange for free rent). Occasional brief shouting can be heard between the owner and his visiting business contacts (normal for Costa Ricans).

Sol y Mar Backpackers Hostel

Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica

No customer comment

Beds on Bohio

Jaco, Costa Rica

A new start-up in a great location, but the owner needs to make a few improvements: 1. the bathroom & shower need a thorough cleaning 2. fix the hot water shower head so it can be used without tripping the breakers for the whole hostel 3. invest in better mattresses (more than 2" thick foam on hard plywood) 4. another WIFI router so the signal is in the hostel, not just the restaurant in front Plus side: fully equipped kitchen, nice ambiance in the common area, beautiful garden & $2 breakfast

Casa del Agua

Granada, Nicaragua

No customer comment

Hostal Colibri

Leon, Nicaragua

Overall happy with my stay – great value, great location, but spartan accommodations. The staff is hospitable. The design of the hostel is practical instead of luxurious. The windows are wooden slats with no glass - keeps the room cool, but allows bugs in. The showers and restrooms aren´t as private as most westerners may be accustomed to (stalls behind a screen), a not uncommon Central American design. On the plus side: spacious rooms, lockable lockers, nice garden/patio and good security.

La Posada B&B

San Pedro Sula, Honduras

This is a 5-star hostel; it would be a perfect 10 if it were more centrally located, but the extra free services offered make up for this shortcoming. It is a very nice upper-middle class home in a good suburban neighborhood. The house is beautiful: comfortable queen sized beds, western-style hot water, marble, etc. The family is very accommodating, offering good advice and many free services (see list) & are fluent in English. Lare Mall and a mini-grocery nearby, taxi needed for all else.

Hostal Portada

San Salvador, El Salvador

Unbeatable value. It is centrally located in the downtown area, but on a quiet residential street. The staff, Silvia and Rafael, were very helpful and friendly (in Spanish, I didn't try English). The building is secured and you have to buzz to get let in the front door. The Internet works. No hot water, but in Central America that's not entirely atypical. They can serve meals at any time of the day (simple "comida tipica"); meals are not included in the price, but can be requested at $3 each. The aut

Joan's Hostel

San Salvador, El Salvador

I booked this hostel, but did not stay here. I was expecting it to be located in the city of La Libertad, the popular El Salvador beach getaway. Instead, it is located in Antiguo Cuscatlan, part of the greater San Salvador area, though technically it is within the Departamento (province) of La Libertad. Can't comment on other aspects -- as mentioned, I did not stay here.


Guatemala City, Guatemala

Great place. Located in the Zona Viva, the most developed and secure part of the city. Manuel takes an active interest in his guests and is more than willing to offer advice and organize trips to help ensure that everyone has a fun and safe time while in Guate. Jodie focuses on quality control and ensures that everything is in place for the guests. Together they make a great team.