Reviews: Anonymous

The Siem Reap Hostel

Siem Reap, Cambodia

This was one of the nicest hostels I have ever stayed at. It includes a pool, game room, bar, and great food! The people were great and the rooms were very clean. It was a great location downtown and I highly recommend this place to anyone!

Backpackers Fairytale

Split, Croatia

Great location, great atmosphere, and great service. Close walk into the heart of Split. I highly recommend this hostel to anyone traveling to Split.

City Walls Hostel

Dubrovnik, Croatia

Great location right in the heart of the city. Located near plenty of bars and restaurants. Great view of walls from the room. The service was incredible. They offered wifi, computer access, free food, and a free shot when you enter. I highly recommend this hostel.


The service was incredible. They spent over an hour telling us where to go and what to see. The rooms are very nice and clean. It is a long walk from the Old town, but easy to get to. I highly recommend this place to anyone staying in Dubrovnik.

The Drunken Monkey Hostel

Zadar, Croatia

Great place to stay. The hostel includes a bar, pool, computer access, and is very well taken care of. The service is excellent. It is a 15-20 minute walk outside of the city, but it is a beautiful walk along the coast. I highly recommend anyone staying in Zadar to stay here.