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Dresden, Germany

It's my 2nd stay here and it's a great place

Baxpax Kreuzberg Hostel

Berlin, Germany

The atmosphere in the lobby is great, hostel is in walking distance of most important clubs and it's in a zone full of bars and pubs and the metro is just in front. Overall a good experience.


Dresden, Germany

The hostel it's close by a nice bar street and not too far from the center. The staff speaks English and they have a nice restroom area. Atmosphere it's not that great though, or maybe I was unlucky :)

America del Sur Hostel Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires, Argentina

It's one of the nicest hostels I've stayed in and it's almost always full.

Punto Berro Hostel Pocitos

Montevideo, Uruguay

A quiet hostel close by the beach, not that of a great atmosphere but at the end I was surprised that they had a POS to pay by card.

Santa Mix Hostel

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

One of the best hostels I've stayed in. On the roof they have a small pool, grill for barbecue, terrace and downstairs a room for breakfast which is decent, TV, PC couches, very nice. Atmosphere is great, or maybe we were lucky:). The only disadvantage is they don't have a POS to pay by card.

Sao Paulo Zen Hostel

Sao Paulo, Brazil

Overall it's a nice hostel, but the atmosphere is not that great and a little bit far from the metro station. The restroom is quite nice though and they have a nice kitchen.

Camping Fusina

Venice, Italy

It's quite close to Venice by boat but if you're there for the carnival you'll have to return in the night by taxi if you don't want to miss Venice Carnival street parties. Atmosphere is good in the outside "restroom".

Venice Ormesini

Venice, Italy

As this is more like a rented apartment there's no fun factor at all, the location is very good though.

Koine' Hostel

Salerno, Italy

As the others say, it looks like a hostel but a lot of weird people are around. I personally didn't had any problems, the stuff it's friendly, the lockers are not that secure :), the bathrooms are very clean but the sheets wore not that white, if i can say so :). The cheapest I could find in Salerno ...and the location is great, 5 min to Sita buses for Amalfi Coast and 10 min from the train station. It-s OK for a night or two I'd say.