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Guangdong Guest House

Hong Kong, Hong Kong

This is a decent, clean place within Chungking Mansions. The rooms are very small, although I think that's the case in all of Chungking Mansions. It is somewhat pricey for what you get. But as mentioned, the rooms are clean, safe, and Simon is nice and helpful. It helps that it's only on the 5th floor, because you can walk down the stairs relatively quickly; the single elevator can sometimes have long queues (again, though, that's an issue of Chungking Mansions in general).

Quality Hostel K's House Takayama

Hida Takayama, Japan

Another great K's House location. This one is so close to the train station, and is just about the coziest place you could ask for on a cold, snowy winter day in Takayama. Clean rooms, great facilities, and helpful staff. Definitely recommended.

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Thank you very much for your comment. We are glad you enjoyed staying here and snowy Takayama! We hope to see you again if you come back to Japan.


Great place. Clean rooms, great facilities and cafe/bar with cheap breakfast, and excellent location close to the train station. Very helpful staff. There really isn't anything more you could ask for from a hostel.


Great hostel situated between the train station and all the main attractions and nightlife area of Hiroshima. Very pleasant inside, like all the K's House branches we've been to. Definitely recommended.

Blue Backpackers Hostel

Busan, South Korea

We chose to stay in this place because we were in Busan in the winter, so and only for a couple days; it didn't make sense to stay on the beach, since we wanted to be closer to the train station/ferry terminal. I think there are nicer places in Haeundae. The being said, this place is fine, if somewhat far from the subway station. Clean, and they provide a small breakfast.

Fully Hong Hostel

Seoul, South Korea

Wonderful place to stay. But what transforms this from a perfectly fine guesthouse into an awesome one is the staff. Tony was so helpful, giving me a jacket to wear because I did not have warm clothes when I arrived in Seoul, and driving me to the electronics store when I needed to buy a memory card for my camera. The guesthouse is in a great neighborhood, with easy access to many bars, restaurants, and sightseeing attractions. Highly recommended.

Reggae Mansion Kuala Lumpur

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

One of the best (if not the best) hostels that we have stayed at. It's big, clean, nice, and has a lot of character. It's also right next to an LRT station and within 5 minutes walk to the bus terminal. The rooftop bar has an amazing view including the twin towers. Highly recommended.


Penang, Malaysia

This is place is fine for just an inexpensive place to stay. It's within walking distance to the KOMTAR bus terminal. The rooms are clean, but small, with no windows, and extremely basic. The owner is very nice and helpful. Save yourself some trouble and rent a car or moped in Penang.

Lub d Bangkok Silom

Bangkok, Thailand

Excellent hostel located in Silom. Very clean, great facilities, helpful staff, nice common bar/cafe area with some patio seating outside on the street. The only (minor) issue is its a bit far from public transportation. The express boat, metro, and sky train are all about 15-20 minutes walk. However, taxis are very cheap in Bangkok - if you can get them to agree to the meter. Avoid tuk-tuks as they will rip you off. Would highly recommend this hostel.

Hotel Ganesha

Varanasi, India

Great, clean place to stay right near Assi Ghat. They will set up a transfer for you when you arrive/leave. It's more expensive than just doing it on your own, but on the other hand, the driver knows where to go, which can be a nice guarantee late at night (we arrived at Mughal Sarai, about 20k outside of town, at about 4am). For India, this place is very clean, and has a decent restaurant on the roof. Would recommend.


This guesthouse is right out the back exit to the Agra Fort railway station, although if you arrive late at night, the back exit is closed and unsafe, so you'll have to take a rickshaw from around the front main exit anyway. It's very reasonably priced. It's a decent place to stay, although it has some cleanliness issues. Our sheets did not appear to have been cleaned. Very helpful staff, though, let us stay a couple hours longer when my wife was feeling sick.

Krishna Palace

Jaipur, India

Nice guesthouse pretty close to the Jaipur train station. Decently clean for a hotel in India, large room, and decent restaurant on the roof. Staff is very helpful. Overall would recommend.

Wake Up! Sydney Central

Sydney, Australia

Good, large hostel in central Sydney with easy access to the airport (it's right near the central train station). There is also a decent bar in the basement with good dinner deals and a nice outdoor cafe on the ground floor. Would recommend.


Great hostel very close to Plaza de Armas. Clean, large rooms, and a nice courtyard and bar area upstairs. They have a built-in travel agency for planning tours to Machu Picchu and other places. Would definitely recommend.

Discovery Hostel

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Good hostel located centrally between downtown/Lapa and the beaches. The staff is amazing, and the owner always makes sure everyone is having a good time, and organizes events and BBQs. The hostel is very social; it almost has to be because it is organized around a central courtyard with the tables. The only issue would be that the bathrooms are outside and the room was a little bit small, but overall a good hostel, recommended.

WE Hostel Design

Sao Paulo, Brazil

This hostel rents out the worst room that we've ever stayed in, and charges a price the same as what other hostels charge for a decent room. Not only that, but the owner seems to think that it is appropriate to rent this room and then charge people two nights' deposit when they show up and don't want to stay in such an awful room. He is completely unflexible about it, and doesn't care that the room is so substandard. Staff is also unhelpful. Stay elsewhere.

Iguassu Guest House

Foz do Iguacu, Brazil

This hostel was a pleasant surprise. The rooms are large and clean, and the hostel has a bar in the back, and a nice area to relax with a pool, hammocks, and a bench swing. There is also a free, decent breakfast, and the location couldn't be better, only two blocks from the bus terminal. The staff is also very helpful. Highly recommend.

U Hostels

Madrid, Spain

This is a great hostel, one of the best I've stayed at anywhere. It is clean, good location, has big rooms, some of which have balconies, and a nice place to eat breakfast. The only gripe is that the website advertises a rooftop terrace/bar, and the hostel does not have one, so be aware if you're expecting that. But it is still a great place.

La Corte de Milan

Milan, Italy

Would be fine except for AC issues in the summer. Our private room had no window, only a door that opened up into another courtyard, so it was not possible to leave it open at night. No outside air in the room means its ridiculously hot in August, even at night, and also like a tomb. There was an AC unit, but it didn't work, and only blew air in from outside. Still, that would have been ok, but they wanted to charge us 10 Euros/night just for that, which is crazy. I would skip it in the summer.

Soggiorno Primavera

Florence, Italy

Great place to stay near the train station and old town. The only issue is that there is no air conditioning, but with the window open (and ear plugs) it wasn't a problem (in August). There's fans in the room as well. Other than that, great, clean place with very large rooms, and Massimo is very helpful.

Gaius Roma B&B

Rome, Italy

Great place to stay near St. Peter's run by an extremely nice and helpful couple. Definitely would recommend. The only issue is if you're there in the summer, they don't have air conditioning. But they have fans, so if you open the window (with ear plugs) it's fine (we were there in August). Otherwise, huge rooms, very clean, and a great breakfast served every morning in your room.

Guesthouse Loza

Split, Croatia

Great place to stay right near the old town (Diocletian's palace) and the port/train station/bus station. Would highly recommend.

Luka's Lodge

Hvar, Croatia

Great hostel. They provide an awesome family-style sit-down dinner for about $18/person (including fish, side dishes, and wine) and take you to Kiva bar if you'd like to go out. Only complaint is that they made us switch rooms on a two-night stay for unknown reasons, but they gave us a slight discount to make up for it.

Room Gradac

Dubrovnik, Croatia

Great place to stay right outside the old town, would highly recommend.


I don't know if I've stayed in a place that has better value for your money. If you're on a budget, I highly recommend. The biggest issue is that there is no AC, and in the summer it's HOT, so it's a better place to be if you're not hanging around during the day, but Miglen is one of the most helpful staff persons that I've ever encountered, and there's free breakfast included.

Mamas Pension

Mykonos, Greece

The place is nice, but it is not cheap. Christina does airport/port pickup and drop off, so make sure to arrange that in advance. The hostel is right above a nice beach but it is a couple km from Mykonos town. The bus only runs once an hour, otherwise you have to go in to town by walking (30 minutes, no sidewalk), moped, or 4-wheeler. The bus also only runs till 2am, so if you're staying out late, it is hard to get back, because walking late on that road is not advisable, and there are no taxis.

Katerina And John Hotel

Santorini, Greece

For the price, the hostel is good. You're very close to the main beach in Perissa, and can travel by rented moped or 4-wheeler to the more famous towns of Ia and Fira. It has some cleanliness issues, but it has air conditioning, and the fact they pick you up and drop you off at the port and airport is great. The staff is very nice. If you're on a budget, it is worth staying here.

Istanbul Hostel

Istanbul, Turkey

Great hostel, would recommend. Nice rooftop bar/restaurant with a view of Hagia Sophia, clean rooms. No AC, which can get hot in Istanbul in the summer, but that would be the only complaint. You'll have to leave the window open, so bring ear plugs because the first prayer call is two hours before dawn.

DREAM House hostel

Kiev, Ukraine

Excellent hostel. Among the best I've been to anywhere. Nice bar/restaurant, friendly staff, great, clean rooms and bathrooms. Great location. No complaints.

Godzillas Hostel

Moscow, Russia

Good, clean hostel in a decent enough location (but nice and quiet) with good kitchen facilities. Would recommend.

Missis Hudson Hostel

St Petersburg, Russia

The hostel has a great central location on Nevsky Prospect, and is not too expensive for Russia. Other than that, it is nothing special. The bathrooms were small, and the staff was not overly helpful. It was clean, though.

Reykjavik Backpackers

Reykjavik, Iceland

The hostel is very expensive, but then again, so is all of Reykjavik, so I don't mark it down for that. But the bathrooms were very dirty, and the private room was very basic. It is also fairly loud from a nearby nightclub. The saving grace is the bar, which is really nice, and has a good happy hour deal. But other than that, nothing special.