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M Montreal

Montreal, Canada

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FIN Hostel Phuket Kata Beach

Phuket, Thailand

This is an excellent hostel, but the staff was clearly overwhelmed and as a result managed to lock me out of the hostel all 3 of the nights I stayed there, despite supposedly correcting the issue each time. One night I had to sleep on a bench outside until other guests returned. My first day, the check-in person was admittedly extremely hungover -- nice guy, but mind-numbingly slow to check me in. Everything else about the hostel is great, great setting, excellent facilities, great location.

The Siem Reap Hostel

Siem Reap, Cambodia

Excellent hostel, great place to stay. Great staff, helpful with anything and everything. They have tuk-tuk drivers on staff who are always available to take you anywhere including on tours of Angkor Wat. Well-kept, clean. Great food and drinks. Great social space, made great friends there.

Mui Ne Backpackers Resort

Mui Ne, Vietnam

This is a great hostel, should be rated much higher. Beautiful property right on the ocean but also with a social area around the pool, great to meet people. The dorms are nice, clean, well-kept, with sizeable lockers for everyone. The staff was very friendly and offered some really helpful recommendations. Location is perfect, right on the beach but also close to great bars including being next door to Joe's (where we hung out every day) and close to the kitesurfing schools.

Town House 50 Saigon

Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

The hostel is excellent. It's both a hostel and a boutique hotel, so everything is chic and modern, clean and well-kept. It's located very close to all sights and also to Pham Ngu Lao (the backpackers area) but thankfully is not right on Pham Ngu Lao itself. If you're looking for a straight-up party, don't stay here. If you want a classy place where you can meet great fellow travelers, this is a great spot. The staff are VERY nice. And the breakfast is particularly good.

Funtastic Danang Hostel

Da Nang, Vietnam

It was a great stay, the hostel is nice and new, the staff were very nice, there are good common areas which are helpful for meeting other travelers, and everything was clean and well-kept. The only suggestion I might offer is that it would be great if the hostel helps a bit more with offering organized activities as I'm accustomed to other hostels doing. But that's certainly not required, and I had a great time there anyway.

Hostel Sao Jorge

Bonito, Brazil

Overall the hostel is great, we enjoyed our stay there. Location is great, right on the main strip of Bonito. The front office of the hostel is a tour agency which books all tours/etc, which is convenient. On the other hand, the focus was very much on booking tours, and less so on servicing the hostel. Some of the staff (including owner) were great, a couple of them didn't have great attitudes. I think it might be a more enjoyable place during the high season. All was well-kept and clean.

Sao Paulo Global Hostel

Sao Paulo, Brazil

This is a great hostel, those who stayed there during the same time as me agreed (and none of us were offered drinks for our reviews). I was actually almost convinced not to stay there because of that one negative review someone left recently -- but I'm glad I wasn't. I've stayed in MANY hostels before. This hostel is clean, has good facilities, but most importantly it has great social spaces that encourage people to meet and hang out, I made friends right away. Thanks for a great stay.

Barra Beach Club Oceanfront Hostel

Florianopolis, Brazil

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Fusion Guesthouse

Salvador, Brazil

This is a great hostel. It is not ideal for those who need everything to be perfect like a hotel, a bathroom next to each room, everything perfectly in order. Sometimes there's limited water, sometimes there's no hot water. But it's a beautiful hostel (the main room is amazing), with a great staff, and everyone has a really good time there. I made friends immediately and had a great time staying there during Carnaval. The location is also perfect, in the heart of the Pelourinho. Thank you.

Lisetonga Hostel

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

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Had an amazing time. They bring together great folks from all over the world, and organize great ways to party + stay entertained. I'd definitely stay there again (and again)!