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Location: Australia, Gender: Male, Age: 28

Hostel Urbano

San Jose, Costa Rica

Excellent staff. They were extremely friendly. The location was great also. There is a street nearby that is full of bars (where all the university students go). Also close to public transport. The hostel itself is also really nice, clean and comfortable. It reminds me of my childhood when I used to visit my rich friends' houses. This hostel also has a really cute pet dog and a cat which inhabit the backyard. My parents never let me own either.


The hostel had really awesome people working there. The managers and casual staff were really friendly and had great advice on what to do and where to go out in Phoenix. The hostel had everything we could possibly need for our stay. The air conditioning was also good to escape the Arizona heat!

GIDIC Backpackers

Tallinn, Estonia

A brilliant hostel with great staff!! The staff know a lot aout Estonia and about good places to visit during the day, as well as places to eat and drink. Great facilities - big common room and a very well-stocked kitchen. Overall, I had a very comfortabe stay here and had lots of fun in Tallinn largely thanks to the the hstel and the staff here. thanks guys! p.s. The 16 bed dorm room is th best dorm room I've ever stayed in. So much privacy!

Squirrel Shack

Tallinn, Estonia

The only staff I met wasn't particularly friendly unfortunately and didn't know much about the local area (I think he was from South America). He also slept on the couch in the common room/eating area which made me not want to hang out there. It was also a bit more difficult to meet other travellers since most of the people there were staying in private rooms. The kitchen wasn't well stocked either. I cut my stay short and spent the rest of my time GIDIC which was an awesome hostel!!!!

Fest Hostel

Warsaw, Poland

This hostel is great! It is very comfortable and has everything you need. The kitchen was very good and the free breakfast in the morning was awesome! Thanks!

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You welcome!

Mamas & Papas Hostel

Gdansk, Poland

A great hostel! It's a little out of town but it's really quick and easy to get to the centre of town. The beds are some of the most comfortable beds I have used in a hostel! Cheers!


The staff in this hostel are amazing! They were really friendly and helpful. There is a free dinner every night! And the dinner is really good food too and a great chance to meet other guests. The hostel is in a great location right in the old part of town. The only downside is that there a lot of guys on a "lads trip" since the hostel is meant to be a kind of party hostel. However if you do want to party then this hostel is perfect!

Dragan's Den

Korcula, Croatia

Awesome hostel staff. There was a great vibe in the Hostel and everyone was pretty relaxed. We had a really fun night out in town. The kitchen upstairs is pretty decent too. It's about a 15 min walk to town, but it's not so bad. Cheers!

Dink's Place Hostel

Hvar, Croatia

Dink and his father run this hostel and they are two of the kindest people you'll ever meet! The hostel is close to beaches, pubs and clubs. It is really easy to meet other travellers and there is a nice balcony to watch the sunsets. It is such a great hostel in an amazing part of the world. I extended my stay here by 2 days it was that good. If I ever go back to Hvar I'll definitely stay here! Cheers guys! See you in future!!!

Apinelo Hostel

Split, Croatia

Great Hostel. So clean!!! The staff were amazing and were really friendly and knew everything about Split. They were a wealth of knowledge for learning about boats and buses out of Split for day trips or onward journeys. The rooms are spacious and comfortable. I loved it here. Cheers!!!

Smart Stay Hotel Station

Munich, Germany

Cheap for it's location. It's kind of like a hotel with dorm rooms. It lacks a common room so it would be difficult to meet other people if travelling solo. The staff working at reception were really helpful though. Doesn't have laundry facilities or kitchen.

A&O City Hackerbruecke

Munich, Germany

Staff were really helpful. I went during Okteberfest and it the queue at reception took forever. Maybe more staff would have helped.


There were a lot of Koreans staying here, but that is typical of Interlaken. It's awesome value for money. The token system is great for getting laundry done and the occassional hot chocolate. The staff were awesome. So friendly and knowledgeable. They could answer all of my questions about activities, hiking routes, intercity trains etc. I stayed for a whole week and never got sick of the place. The kitchen is pretty great, which is really handy because eating out in Switzerland is expensive.

Yes! Porto Hostel

Porto, Portugal

The staff were amazing. They took time to get to know you and each time I arrived at the hostel I was treated like an old friend. It was nice :) They also know a lot about the area and local transport. There were fantastic dinners every night. A walking tour run by Wild Walkers. My tour guide was the beautiful Anna, who is both passionate and knowledgeable about Porto. The bar/lounge area is perfect for meeting other guests. It's in my top two hostels that I've stayed at ever.


It's expensive, but that's because it's Paris. Facilities are great. The bar downstairs is really good for meeting other people. The staff do not seem to engage with guests as much as other hostels, but that's probably it's a huge hostel. They should have at least two staff at reception the whole time, as the lines get really big. I had just arrived after a 24 hour flight from Australia and had to wait for the receptionist to stop chatting up other guests before I could check in. Needs a kitchen