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NapPark Hostel at Khao San

Bangkok, Thailand

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Mile Map Hostel

Bangkok, Thailand

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Fernloft KL @ Chinatown

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

We were in a private room and had air conditioning which was fantastic! The bathrooms and common areas were always clean. The map they give you is not the best (we were given a better one at KLCC and saw the same one at the Art Gallery). I asked the staff to help me find a restaurant and she said 'go out and turn left and walk a bit', 'can you show me on the map?' 'it's just over there' 'I'm not going now...' 'it's around the corner'. Not very helpful. (we found it later anyway)

Backpackers INSIDE

Seoul, South Korea

2nd time here and it's still fantastic! The staff know all the answers to every question and if they don't they'll look it up super fast. They give you many maps when you show up and have many flyers if you don't have plans.

  • 17th May 2013
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JGH Tokyo

Tokyo, Japan

There are notes left from happy customers who say how friendly the staff are, but when I got in they gave me the standard run down and then seemed to be hiding for the rest of the time I was there. I was told to talk to the owner if I wanted to know anything other than the standard intro.... There are also notes saying why things are a certain way including for the last person in to lock the door--how do you know if youre last in? I left at 415am and the door was unlocked. Rooms are freezing.

Backpackers INSIDE

Seoul, South Korea

Comfy bedds, friendly and informative staff, lots of free food and free shampoo that others have left, and a mini-drink shop. The location is good for the palaces and downtown seoul, but its a bit far from the subway for my likes (5 min)

EastSeven Berlin Hostel

Berlin, Germany

Great price, great location, helpful staff, clean rooms BUT no free breakfast or free internet. When someone can go online and look up all the stats for a room I expect to see all these things and then judge based on price and location of what I want to do in the city, but the price and location here did make up for the no breakfast and no free internet. Neither are too expensive, but the breakfast is only bread and cereal if you pay for it. They do have coupons for a place down the street too.

Hostel Mango

Prague, Czech Republic

The staff sometimes did not know what I was looking for or how to get there and I feel like they should have cared more and looked it up on the computer. Also, I thought at first that they did not give out maps because the person who checked me in said nothing about the rip-off maps in front of her, and drew directions for me on it and then did not give it to me. There was no light in the bathroom of my room (34). However, it is a great location and I would probably stay here again for that.

Atlantic Point Backpackers

Cape Town, South Africa

I walked here from the hop on, hop off and it was not far at all. Staff were nice and the place was as clean as could be with nice beds and a really big kitchen.

Livingstone Backpackers

Livingstone, Zambia

This hostel has a great pool and camp area (grass, not dirt!) and a climbing wall! A taxi to the falls is only 10 usd (1 to 7 on the South African Rand and 1 to 5000 on Zambia Kwacha 5 Sept 2011), and there is a bus that will take you at 10am, but I feel that they should run more often. I did have one big issue as well that I don't have room to put, but some of the staff might lie to your face for no apparent reason (told me they called, asked the driver, they did not).

Shoestrings Airport Lodge

Johannesburg, South Africa

I had an overnight layover in Jo'berg and was looking for hostels that would pick me up and bring me back and I'm glad I picked this one! They did not find me the first time at the airport and came back a second time--I thought I would have been told to take a taxi. Free breakfast in the morning, including (at least on the day I was there) French press coffee. Everyone was really friendly and super nice.

Euro Hostel Glasgow

Glasgow, Scotland

Upgraded us for free to a private room and have staff at the desk 24 hours a day (which I great when you have to leave to catch the 4:30am bus to Prestwick airport!). The staff were very helpful in assisting us find things that were not on the map in the lobby as well.

Lucky Lake Hostel

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Directions are a bit confusing now that construction is happening at the train station. However, the hostel is still great because its a nice break from the craziness of Amsterdam

Kinlay House Cork

Cork, Ireland

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