Reviews: Anonymous

Santa Barbara Tourist Hostel

Santa Barbara, USA

I have used for over 3 years and this is the worst hostel I have ever booked. It is right that it near the Amtrak station - but just risk yourself to cross the rails to go to the hostel or detour for 20 minutes. The 12 mixed bedroom is full of odor of sweat and other unspecified source. Every time enters, every time sucks. The intermittent noise of the vending machine is skilled at wake you up once every hour during whole night. The only reason for these is that it's cheap.

The Allen Lee Hotel

Washington DC, USA

Generally it is a very good hostel to stay with a quite affordable price for students. It nears the majority of the scenic spots in DC, as most of them are within walking distance. The breakfast is fairly simple, only bread and coffee, which cannot compete with its counterparts in the Europe.

Vanderbilt YMCA

New York, USA

No private bathroom available, which is unexpected. No wifi in your room. So small the room for you to turn around with your big package.

Berolina Backpacker

Berlin, Germany

I was very appreciated and enjoyed these three nights in Berolina, I feel completely terrific with everything here - the fully surprising price, the unexpected great facilities, the kind and helpful service from all of the staff there, as well as the virtues that only belongs to Germans. The nice experience becomes the unique and irreplaceable part of our journey to Berlin.