Reviews: Anonymous

B&B Il Magnifico

Florence, Italy

Since days after I booked, the very kind Chineese couple that runs the B&B already showed to be very helpful, sending emails with extremely useful information not only about florence but about Italy in general. When we arrived, Alain surprised us receiving us talking in portugueese and explaining everything about the city. The cheap places to eat, the main monuments, the places to get a beer at night, the Brazilian restaurants, in case we suffered of abstinance of Blach beans and Picanha...

Living Cat's Hostel

Madrid, Spain

The hostel is amazing, the location is the best possibe, and everything is so clean. The only thing missing is a kitchen. One sugestion I have is asking guests about their schedues and motivations to separete the hard-partiers and the people who have to go to bed and wake up early in different rooms.