Reviews: sjwhitfield6398

Location: USA, Gender: Male, Age: 30

Hostal Suenos Del Mar

San Juan Del Sur, Nicaragua

I stayed here for one night when I booked for 3. The guys seemed drunk who worked there and the internet wasn't working to find my booking. I booked a private room on accident and asked to be moved to a dorm, it was DEAD there and they said there wasn't room. They just wanted to make me pay more for the private room. This place is dishonest and boring at best. GO TO CASA ORO! THAT PLACE IS AMAZING AND FUN!!! It's only two block from this place

Latina Hostal

Leon, Nicaragua

I can't recommend this place enough! The location is great! Only a few blocks from the Cathedral in a town that's walk-able as it is! The staff in amazing and Juan Carlos, the bartender/all around helper, is an awesome dude who will show you a great time! If you're going to Leon, you'd be crazy not to stay here!


The hostel is adequate. If you have an early flight from LaGuardia, this place is a no brainer. If you want a place to stay in NYC to explore, there are much better options

The Local NYC

New York, USA

This place was awesome! They have a great bar there and very cool look. Great place to meet new friends and hang out. The beds were crazy comfortable! It was one of the more pricier options in the city but worth every penny!

Dina's Hostel

Cairo, Egypt

Dina's is a great hostel right in the center of Cairo. I doubt you'd find a better hostel in Cairo. I will say, BRING BUG SPRAY! This is something that is no fault to the hostel but I left COVERED in mosquito bites.

Cheers Lighthouse

Istanbul, Turkey

This place was spectacular, no better location in Istanbul. I had absolutely no complaints whatsoever. The free breakfast is the best I've ever had in a hostel. Much better than the usual bread and juice. The wifi is great, which is also usually a disappointment elsewhere but not here! One thing, Cheers owns two locations and this one is much better for a quieter time. Being a solo traveler, I wish I had stayed at the other location to meet more people. GREAT PLACE THOUGH!


The hostel was fantastic. Everyone there seemed to be great and easy going. The staff was very helpful as I had several questions. Great location but the area's nightlife is poor if you're looking for anything other than nightclubs full of teenagers. Overall, I would stay here again and recommend to other travelers.

HotelHotel Hostel

Seattle, USA

Good hostel but by comparison to others in Seattle, it really gets blown away. Overall, I enjoyed my brief stay but the staff seemed cold and perhaps annoyed. I wouldn't advise against this hostel but I wouldn't be doing backflips getting people to stay there either.

Cafe Hotel de l'avenir

Paris, France

Great place, literally across the street from the metro to get you anywhere you need to go. Very close to the major airport but a bit of a trek from Orly. I cannot find anything negative to say about this place! Can't wait to come back!

Eco B&B Marela

Rome, Italy

The woman who owns it has a full time job so it was evident she was struggling to balance this and running a hostel but was very very kind. I don't want to give this place the kiss of death but me and my girlfriend ended up with bites of some kind all over us. We tried to tell ourselves it was just us being outside but we would find bites in places that were totally covered up by layers of clothing when we were out. Paper thin walls by a busy street so no sleep either.


Miglen was AMAZING!! Felt right at home here and he was more than a big help!!!! The location is only a ten minute walk from the metro but you can pretty much walk anywhere from here. Wifi was great, place was good. It isn't the Ritz, for example the toilets have trouble flushing and the bathroom in general wasn't what I'm used to but the value for what you get is great. It can be loud due to the busy street. Maybe light sleepers be weary but aside from that I would recommend!!!

Prague Centre Hostel

Prague, Czech Republic

The hostel was really more of an apartment. There was a common room but it closed at 7PM and I never really saw anyone in there. Was very hard to meet new people. Aside from that it was AMAZING!!!! Location is only about a 10-15 min walk to the old town square or anything else really. You pretty much have your own apartment with a suite mate so great for privacy. Value is incredible

Barnacles Temple Bar House

Dublin, Ireland

The location is amazing. If you go there to sleep at all, stay clear. You are right next to Temple bar and it is insanely loud until 330 am. If you come to party choose this place, great party hostel. Unfortunately I wasn't there to just party so no sleep was rough. Area of improvement: Wifi. It was not up to par to other hostels I've stayed at.


Incredible hostel! Had a ton of fun! They even feed you! If you are looking for things to be a baby about then I'm sure you could find them here but if you come to have fun and not concern yourself with the tiny things then this is THE PLACE TO STAY! I see that many said they couldn't sleep, this is false! It isn't the ritz with sound proof walls but if you came to Miami so sleep then you can here... But why would you want to!!!!

YHA London Central

London, England

Be warned, you must budget for expenses while staying here. They "nickle and dime" you for EVERYTHING. I suppose London is expensive and YHA has to make their money as well but as opposed to charging for every little things I'd much rather have them raise the room price so you at least know how much you're actually spending or they could get rid of the fancy doors and other non-sense for at least a pillow and bed that didn't resemble that of a prison. I believe there may have been better options