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Hostel La Padre Sibiu

Sibiu, Romania

We were upgraded to an apartment because the other room wasnt ready and this apartment was available! It was so nice! The staff was very friendly and helpful. We only stayed one night and I wouldnt recommend for people who are looking to meet others. Also, the main house where we were supposed to stay was not as nice as the apartments- so we were definitely lucky. Overall, it was good value for its price

Transylvania Hostel

Cluj Napoca, Romania

Great hostel especially for meeting people and hanging out in the common areas. THe staff are really friendly and helpful. Great accomodation for the money!

The Legend House

Sighisoara, Romania

The pictures make it seem much cooler than it actually is. We booked a three person room and ended up with a double bed and a crappy roll out bed. But I suppose for the money its not bad. The location is great. There isnt really a reception or anyone to guide you, so its basically a room. But if you just need a place to stay and arent looking to ask questions or meet anyone, it works.

Kismet Dao Hostel

Brasov, Romania

Awesome hostel with a great lounge area to meet people! The facilities are great and the staff are really helfpul and give you all the information you need!

In Valencia Guesthouse

Valencia, Spain

The place was really dirty. I saw someone cleaning the showers in the morning by wiping the bottom with a piece of toilet paper. The showers are clogged so you end up standing in dirty water and it gets all over the floor. The entire place smells, especially on the side of the interior patio. The hostel didnt provide maps and the staff werent helpful with information. The rooms get really hot in the summer. The location is good but besides that I would stay somewhere else if you could.


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HI Eilat

Eilat, Israel

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Hostal Misol

Salamanca, Spain

The hostel was really good for what you pay. Main downside, black mold in the bathroom and the shower looked pretty gross. But the rooms aren't bad and seemed clean enough. I stayed there one night and was happy enough with my experience. I think a few days more and I would have started to feel a bit dirty.

Paraga Beach Hostel

Mykonos, Greece

Definitely not like the pictures. You stay in basically permanent tents. The pool and bar area is beautiful though. The staff are pretty rude and not super helpful.

Pension Sofi

Naxos, Greece

The staff was so nice and helpful. It is the cutest little place!! Such a nice break from huge, gross hostels on other islands. We loved our stay there!

Athina Hotel Delphi

Delphi, Greece

Loved this place!! For such a great price you get an amazinnnng room! My room was sooo cute and had an awesome view and porch. So tranquil and relaxing, in a great location. The staff is so friendly and they serve a great breakfast!

Athens Backpackers

Athens, Greece

I liked this place mostly for the atmosphere. The staff wasn't super helpful with things and it felt like they would charge you for anything. But I had a great time here and my room was great so I can't complain too much! Also, the walking tour is great!!


Amazing hostel! Less of a hostel, more like a lodge!

Brussels 2GO4 Quality Hostel

Brussels, Belgium

Bring a lock for the lockers, or you have to buy one for 2,50. other than that pretty standard. the desk closes from 1-4 which is a pain for check in and check out, especially if you want to leave your luggage.

Giovanni's Home

Naples, Italy

I couldn't have asked for a better hostel in Naples. I was nervous about travelling alone, especially in a city that I had heard was full of crime. But Giovanni is so helpful and the hostel is full of friendly, fun people that I never felt in danger. I wasn't expecting much from Naples until I met Giovanni and he showed me how much there was to see. I would come back in a heart beat. Thanks Giovanni!

Albergue Zaragoza Hostel

Zaragoza, Spain

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Downtown Paraiso Hostel

Barcelona, Spain

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