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No.8 Seven Sisters

London, England

I thought what a great place for a short stay and perhaps a new set of less sounds from the beds... I thought what a decent place for most people to stay from different part of the world... I thought nothing of anyone age,gender,cultural back grounds as all seemed welcoming... I though the cleaning staff was doing their best... I thought and hoped one day the pub area might will be made over into something nice,clean and very comfortable...

Hyde Park Hostel

London, England

I can say,when I arrived the reception staff were helpful.But the morning reception were not at all customer aware in fact the one girl was just generally rude. Yes there is a small breakfast in the morning,but brown bread cost the same as white bread,why not have both. The bed was clean,though I got no sleep as there are far to many people in one room,there's coming and going all night long,it never stopped. It a lovely large very old building it just needs to be bought up to fresh,new standard


Thank you for asking about my stay. I might say it was a joy. I think it may have had to do with your guy reception behind the bar, he was ever so welcoming and pleasant polite helpful, I did not even mind being given the wrong door code. Things could have gone differently, but great when the first impression is a good one. Well done him...Great attitude toward his working with the public I sure hope this was for real and not a dream. I have ticked average for atmosphere more to do with others.

SoBo House Brighton

Brighton, England

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