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Location: Japan, Gender: Male, Age: 37

Hostel Venao Cove

Playa Venao, Panama

What a hidden gem right in front of such an unspoilt surfable beach! Good kitchen facilities, good WiFi and clean bathrooms. Moreover, each bed in the dorm has a reading light, a small fan and is properly built, so that it makes no noise when you move on your bed or when somebody else climbs up to the bed above yours. It's been a while since I stayed in a great hostel like this. Nothing to complain about, and I highly recommend it for everybody.

Hostel Siriri

Panama City, Panama

Clean, centrally located and helpful staff. I wish that they'd had a couple more bathrooms for all guests.... Yet there are an outdoor shower and a nice swimming pool in the backyard to cool off as Panama City often gets too hot and sticky during the day. It's a busy hostel, but with breakfast included and all the hard work done by the staff, this place is value for money.

RC Miguel Angel

Madrid, Spain

Super conveniently located in a typical Spanish apartment-style building, so it's small but tidy. Communication with the staff was a little challenging because of my rusty Spanish, but they were very welcoming and always helpful. That kitchen + common area was tiny and it wasn't really for cooking or socialising with other travellers. I wish that my bunk-bed hadn't made such an annoying noise every time I moved while sleeping or the other guest rolled around above mine.

Hostel Freedom Marrakech

Marrakech, Morocco

Good (and sweet) breakfast every morning and the WiFi was good. The 10-bed dorm was not spacious at all and I think I was bitten by bed-bugs.... Nevertheless, the staff worked really hard and they were very helpful. Value for money without a doubt.


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Mbizi Backpackers Lodge

Johannesburg, South Africa

If you have a car, no problem. But if you don't, you are stuck in the middle of nowhere. This lodge is clean and spacious, but the location isn't convenient at all as it's located outside Joburg and the nearest train station (with no fixed timetable) is at least 2km away.... The airport pick-up is actually R100, not R60, if you take it only for yourself.


Located outside the central Asakusa. I thought it was a bit far from any subway stations. The 8-bed dorm that I stayed in was very basic and nothing special, but considering the fact that it's in Tokyo, it was cheap enough and tolerable for a couple of nights. I wish there were at least one common room, not a bar, with good WiFi and non-smoking. You have to fix those two Ubuntu-OS computers!


It's located in a quiet neighbourhood. Very clean and good WiFi. The only downside was that my room on the 5th floor smelt very funny and I strongly believe that it was because of the smoke of cigarettes by some previous guests. You do get a tiny private room without a bathroom or a shower which is only on the ground floor.... Value for money for smoking guests.

Niras Bankoc Cultural Hostel

Bangkok, Thailand

I stayed in the mixed dorm and later in the double-bed private. Both were very clean and well-designed. Yet they were a bit pricey, especially the double private one. I like the cafe downstairs and the staff were friendly and helpful. If you prefer to stay away from the backpackers' zoo (Khao san Rd), this is where you should be for sure.

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Thank you for your comments and staying with us in both budget option of dorm and private ensuite room. Thank you for seeing our values of our property .

Mojito House

Chiang Mai, Thailand

Stayed in the double-bed room with a fan and a big balcony. The mattress was a little too soft. Otherwise, everything else was fine. Great location and clean enough. Definitely value for money!


The common room was smoky and the WiFi was weak. I booked a 10-bed dorm, but the staff put me in a 16-bed dorm. It was the last bed left on the day and located right beside the door through which I could hear all the noise from the common room downstairs. Free Vodka? It only seemed to fuel young backpackers and some of the staff members getting loud at night.

Sunflower Hotel Hoi An

Hoi An, Vietnam

I didn't really like this place. It was quite far from the centre and the dorm was super-basic for that price. I eventually moved to a cheaper and nicer hotel which was closer to the centre. In the end, it was just an Okay-quality hotel without any atmosphere. The only good things were the free pick-up service from the bus-stop and the breakfast.

NgocThao GuestHouse

Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

The best of this guesthouse is the staff. They work really hard and take great care of each guest. If the price for my dorm was a lot lower than that of a single private room at other hotels in HCMC, it would have been perfect.

Walkers' Hostel

Taipei, Taiwan

Good location and helpful staff. The downside is that my bunk-bed shook a lot and made such a big cracking noise every time I climbed it and rolled around in bed. I also wish that the common room was a bit bigger or had at least one more big couch.


The dorm I stayed in had such a tiny bathroom, and the mattress was awkwardly soft . Otherwise, the location was good and the staff were very helpful.

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Thank you for your comment! We provide every room with bathroom, as results they are not soo big. But you only share with your roommates! We bought new matresses. I hope if you came next time, find them satisfying.


Very friendly staff and very clean with a nice swimming pool. Located a bit outside Sanur, but a few good restaurants within walking distance and close enough to a few surf spots on the east coast of Bali, better to be based at this hostel than driving all the way from Kuta or Legian.


Great hostel - clean and free breakfast for all day. The location is between the old town and Sagrada Familia. Thus, it was neither too noisy nor too crowded during my stay. The staff members were very helpful as well. Nothing to complain about.

BBK Bilbao Good Hostel

Bilbao, Spain

I made a booking and paid FOR a 8-bed dorm, but it turned out to be a 8-bed dorm with 2 extra beds - 10 people in total. Why? Very clean and helpful staff. I only wish that this place had a little more atmosphere of a backpackers hostel rather than a HI-style hostel. 2 things that can be improved at this place are: * The door needs to be fixed in order to reduce the bang every time somebody shuts the door. * The kitchen can be a little more facilitated with at least a knife and a cut-board.


Very clean and close to the beach. I stayed in February and came back here again in July and a few things such as facilities and interior improved quite a bit. Some of the staff members also became friendlier than before (?).... If the Wi-Fi was fast enough and free of charge, it'd have been perfect!

Ansteys Beach Backpackers

Durban, South Africa

Very close to the beach and a few surf-spots. The 4-bed dormitory that I stayed in was a little too small, but I was lucky enough to have it to myself during my whole stay. If the waves were pumping then, everything would have been perfect. Maybe next time?!

Skeleton Beach Backpackers

Swakopmund, Namibia

Very clean and relaxing. It's located a little bit outside the city-centre, but in a very quiet neighbourhood and very close to one surf spot called Thicklip. Cheaper than all the other hostels in town and nice breakfast every morning. I'll definitely stay here again.

Cape Town Backpackers

Cape Town, South Africa

The 6-bed dorm was "pre-occupied" by 4 young girls (Canadians) who were noisy every night and so messy (their shirts and unddies everywhere). One of them even brought a guy in and they slept together. I moved out to another dorm which was directly above the bar and a few more sleepless nights there. The worst of the worst was the kitchen, some dishes undone almost every night. So I had to wash some of them to cook for myself. The guy with a beret-like hat never does his dishes. So unfair!

Zebra Crossing

Cape Town, South Africa

I could not take a shower on my first night as there was no hot-water running for that particular shower. But other showers were apparently Okay which I didn't know at all. Very helpful staff, clean and good location. I would've stayed longer if credit card payment was acceptable.

Annexe Kingz Plaza

Dakar, Senegal

This is by far the cheapest and cleanest place around Dakar for a budget-traveller like myself. A bit far from downtown, but a few nice restaurants/bakeries and a small supermarket nearby. Nothing to complain about.

Hostel Quetzal

Cancun, Mexico

Very busy when I was staying there with lots of young boys and gals. Thus, the dorm was a bit chaotic at times. The staff were helpful and they cooked good breakfast and dinner, which kinda compensated all the downside of this hostel in the end.

Hostel Don Nino

Oaxaca, Mexico

Very clean and good location (close to the park and the ADO bus terminal). It's more like a hotel rather than a hostel. At-home atmosphere is what's only missing at this place.

El Hostalito

San Cristobal de las Casas, Mexico

Located close to everything that I needed. Very friendly and helpful staff. Nothing to complain about. Will definitely stay here again when I come back to San Cristobal.

Villa Esthela

Antigua, Guatemala

Clean and a real chill-out place. Nothing to complain about.

Khaosan Tokyo Kabuki

Tokyo, Japan

The shower-room could have been better with a bit more space and a hook on the door for hanging clothes, etc. Otherwise, it was very very good over all.

Owner Comment (Hide)
Thank you for your feedback! We are sorry for the inconvenience you felt, but we have a box to put the cloths in instead of hooks, so we hope you will make the most out of it next time! Thank you very much for your stay and have a great traveling around the world !


Close to downtown, but still in a quiet and nice area. Kitchen facilities are good and there is a large living room. My private room was clean and funky. Nothing to complaing about.

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Thank you for your comment.

Bambu Hostel

David City, Panama

Close enough to the big supermarket and a few restaurants. Although I didn't dip myself in, that swimming pool in the backyard is very nice for a chill-out in sticky David City.

Panama by Luis

Panama City, Panama

Clean beds and claen bathrooms. The staff were very helpful. If there were a couple more extra bathrooms for guests, it would be even much better.

Space Pod Houston

Houston, USA

The owner was very nice and helpful, but something was lacking at this hostel. Can I offer a few suggestions for improvement? The percentage of the tax should always be informed to guests when they pay. The breakfast could have been better with bread, jam and coffee. It was only cereal or a piece of cake when I was staying there. There should be a note of how-to at the shower. It took me a few minutes to figure out how to use the shower. You should not change a 4-bed dorm to a 5-bed dorm all of a sudde

Olah Hostel

Sao Paulo, Brazil

Located in a safe quiet neighborhood, but still close enough to the Metro station, supermarkets, etc. Nice breakfast every morning and each double-deck bed is thoroughly attached to the wall so you won't get disturbed while sleeping when the other person comes to his/her lower or upper bed. The couple who runs this hostel is very friendly and helpful. Highly recommend this hostel for everyone!!

The Pelican Larry Hostel

Cali, Colombia

A little bit far from the bus-terminal, but still the walking distance. The staff are helpful and good BBQ on Sunday.

Link Hostels

Lima, Peru

Very clean and helpful staff. The location is good as well, close to everything in Miraflores. The only downside was that I had to pay USD5.0 for leaving my stuff at this hostel for a week. I've never been charged for this kind of thing before anywhere else. But they kept it safely and I got it back no problem in the end.

Pirwa Hostels Machu Picchu

Machu Picchu, Peru

My 4-bed dormitory was a bit too small. Smoking was allowed in the common room which made non-smokers (such as myself) awkward to stay there.

Los Balcones Blancos

La Paz, Bolivia

Safe and quiet location and helpful staff. The shared shower room and bathrooms could've been done better though.


Helpful staff members and real chill-out atmosphere. I only wish that I could've chosen a bed in the dorm. It seems that your bed is already chosen by the staff even if you are the first guest for the dorm, but this is not such a big problem as every bed is very comfortable.

Free Style

Ushuaia, Argentina

The breakfast was really good (with eggs, cookies, oranges, etc.). The common area on the top floor was superb and the scenery from there was quite beautiful. the only downside was, guests were allowed to smoke in this common area so non-smokers like myself inevitably get passive smoking there.

Rayuela Hostel Boutique

Buenos Aires, Argentina

The great location and very friendly staff. The breakfast was pretty good as well. The only downside was, one of the girls in our dorm let a guy in and they spent a night together (this guy had already checked out a couple of days earlier in fact)! They made us feel quite awkward. The security including how to handle non-guests should be stricter.

Pampa Hostel

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Located in the quiet neighborhood. The staff were very helpful. The only downside was. there were a few times with no water and the toilet was broken so I couldn't flush. The breakfast was alright. I thought the bread was not fresh enough though.

Hostel de la Viuda

Punta del Diablo, Uruguay

The best place to chill out. The staff were very friendly and helpful. Although the nearest beach was a fair bit of walking from the hostel, it was also part of fun to discover the quiet area of Punta del Diablo. I would definitely stay here again, perhaps, in winter next time for some serious surf sessions. : )

Black Cat Hostel

Asuncion, Paraguay

Very friendly and helpful staff. Although there isn't generally much to see or do in Asuncion for tourists, the staff know what's happening in town. So if you ask them, they'll tell you where to go and what to see.

Klein Hostel

Foz do Iguacu, Brazil

Friendly and helpful staff (The guy called Everton is a champion). They picked me up at the international bus-terminal. They also dropped me off at the terminal when I left. Although it is located a bit far from the waterfalls, I had a lot of fun traveling by public bus to the falls (both Brazilian and Argentinian-side). Thanks a lot for your help, Everton!

Hostel Portunhol

Florianopolis, Brazil

Very friendly and helpful staff. Good vibes in the hostel. Very close to one of the beaches on the island. I only wish the hostel were much closer to Mole and Joaquina for more serious surf sessions.

Lisbon Old Town Hostel

Lisbon, Portugal

Great atmosphere, very helpful staff and super clean. The common room was stylish and the guest kitchen had everything I needed for cooking. I highly recommend it for everyone.