Reviews: Anonymous

Location: Spain, Age: 28

Red Nose

Riga, Latvia

The location is great, wifi works very well, toilets and showers are good. The matress was a little bit crappy though.


Tallinn, Estonia

Very well located, super nice stuff, but not the quietest place in the world.


Helsinki, Finland

The connectivity of wifi in rooms was very poor, which is bad if it would be free, but it's terrible if you have even to pay for it. The walls were pretty crappy too, you could hear people from other rooms like they were in yours. The rest of the facilities were awesome: sauna, towels, nice toilets and showers.

Hotel Gamla Stan

Stockholm, Sweden

Staff was really really helpful and nice, both by email (they answered me in 5 minutes) and in person. The location of the hostel couldn't be better.

#bunk beyoglu

Istanbul, Turkey

The staff was friendly and helpful, the location is pretty good, very clean, although it's not very clear how often they change the sheets. I'd totally recommend this hotel, one of the bests I've been into.


This has been by far, the worst hostel where I have been. The rooms have no key lock, everyone in the hostel can access to your room, even if it's private. The WC was cleaned only once in the whole week that I stayed there, really disgusting. The staff had no idea of where to go or what to do in Berlin. The nearest subway station is badly connected. Bad security, bad location, bad staff and terrible cleanlyness. I definitely recommend not to go this hostel.

Generator Hostel Copenhagen

Copenhagen, Denmark

In general, the staff was very kind and helpful, one guy from reception offered me to post my postcards, although another guy from the bar charged me 5 DKK (almost 1 euro) for a glass of water for my medicines.

Sleep Well Youth Hostel

Brussels, Belgium

You have to pay for the wifi (1-2 euro) but the quality it's excelent

Shelter City

Amsterdam, Netherlands

It was great that on Friday's evening the dinner was free, and every morning the breakfast is included. The mattresses were pretty awful though...

The Yellow House

Porto, Portugal

No customer comment

Wombats City Hostel Munich

Munich, Germany

Included breakfast would be a great idea. It's very painful to pay 3.70 every morning.