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Erupcion Hostel Banos

Banos, Ecuador

Incredible fast internet, owner operated, great people!


Hostel was OK. The room was decent but had no hot water and the floor was literally as sandy as the desert. The wifi in the cafe was really fast, so that's a plus. The location close to the dunes is great for the dunes, but the hostel has no restaurant and the nearest one is about a 10 minute walk away which is a pain. Would be a decent hostel, but the price is way higher than it's worth.


Of the 3 hostels we stayed in Kunming this was the best. Don't get me started on Hump Hostel, what a hole! We had a private room and it was a bit expensive, but likely worth it. Huge rooms, lots of windows, good shower, etc. Of the 2 days we stayed here, 1 day we had basically no wifi. The second day, however, the internet was actually really good. If I go back to Kunming, I'll stay here.

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Dear Thank you for you stay in our hostel. Hepo see you again. Just enjoy your trip and best wishes from all of our staff. UPLAND YHA

The Hump Hostel

Kunming, China

How did this hostel get such a high rating? I'd have to assume they're fixing their ratings. The hostel is HOT. Each room has no A/C, which wouldn't be a problem if there were any sort of ventilation, even a window, or, you know, it wasn't 38 degrees in the hostel. They advertise free wifi but it worked for exactly 3 minutes of my 2 night stay. When I asked about it, they basically admitted that it never works. It doesn't. Worst Wifi in China. The location is really good, but that's it.

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We are sorry for your unhappy staying here.We do like to clarify something. First of all, we never cheat on the rating of our hostel. All the reviews and comments are from the guests who stayed our hostel. Cheating is never good for a hostel. For the air-conditioner, yes, we had before, but the estate management required us to remove all the air conditioners that we had. So we prepared fans in the room.We also sorry for the slow wifi, and we are trying to solve the problem.

N's Kitchen & Lodge

Shangri-la, China

Wifi was terrible, but the staff was awesome and the location is good. Despite the fire, town is still worth visiting. N's is right on the edge of where the fire burned out the old town, and there are some construction sounds in the middle of the day/morning. But not too bad. Rooms were excellent.

Trippers Carpe Diem

Yangshuo, China

Great hostel, location is out of town, but much quieter and an easy walk or bike ride to town. My only issue is that the bikes were way over-priced. You can rent them from $2 in town. At the hostel they are $5

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thank you for sharing the great feedback and taking the time to help fellow travelers find a quiet and conveniently located hostel in Yangshuo! I would just like to let everyone know that our bikes are just 4$ a day and that they are of better quality and in better shape than the 2$ bikes in town. We don't want a poor bike end what could be a wonderful day out so we find it well worth to invest in decent bikes. By the way, they are just 2.5$ after noon and free after 4.00pm!


Really great hostel. The newly renovated rooms are hotel-quality for backpacker/budget rates. The staff's English is OK. The location is a bit far from anything the tourists might want to do, but right on the city bus line which makes it easy to connect anywhere. Good place, highly recommended.


Hostel is great, and Victor is as good as they get! Speaks English and very helpful. Only issue is that the road outside turns into a honking disaster full of buses blasting their airhorns all night and early in the morning. It's not the hostel's fault, and should be dealt with by the town of Wulinyuan, but still, don't expect to sleep past 6am. If you can, request a room on the inside of the building away from the road.

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have a nice trip in china,welcome to zhangjiajie next time! Vcitro


Other than the fact that the mattress was fairly hard, it was a good stay.

The New York Loft Hostel

New York, USA

Good hostel. If you're looking for the brooklyn experience, you'll find it here.

Diamond Diggers Backpackers

Johannesburg, South Africa

No idea how this place is rated so high... None of the bathrooms had locks on them. it was cramped, dirty, and lifeless. I stayed at 2 other hostels in JoBurg and both were much better. I wouldn't stay here again.


Thought this hostel was great. Really good location if you're planning on beaching it or spending time at seaworld. The staff was great as well.

Hostel Cat

Las Vegas, USA

Staff was great, good excursions available through them. My only issues were that there was no wifi in the rooms and there were also a bunch of locals living on the property. Personally, I don't like when there are locals living there unless they work there. They tend to take things over...


Popayan, Colombia

Great hostel. It's not too far from the center, and an easy walk. The only issue I had was noise. The street below is noisy and the doorbell seemed far too loud. Other than that, it's a great hostel and very much worth staying at.

Backpackers Ceara

Fortaleza, Brazil

I really enjoyed this hostel. The reviews made it seem pretty bleak, but I thought it was great. More of a motel then a hostel, and a good family run vibe. You should definitely stay here.

Che Lagarto Hostel Salvador

Salvador, Brazil

The hostel was in the absolute perfect place. A nice deck/patio area over looking the beach in Barra. The big issue though was that the front doors were left open despite a gate which allowed some of the night crazies access inside at times. Also, I'll give them the fact that it was right after Carnival, but it could have been cleaner. Great staff though.

Black Cat Hostel

Asuncion, Paraguay

Basically the only place worth staying in while in Asuncion so luckily it is a nice place. Make sure you pay a little bit more for a room with AC as Asuncion is hot! You can check out some stuff on the area and the rest of south america on my website which might give you an idea on some things to check out as well.

Ciudad Vieja Hostel

Montevideo, Uruguay

great hostel in the perfect location. The staff is awesome and they give you the option of buying dinner as well;


Really nice hostel with a good staff. The location could be a little more central, but it is right near the beach so it works for some. I have posted some stuff from Punta del Este to my site of as well