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Location: Australia, Gender: Female, Age: 27

Keep up the good work!

Hostel 109

Adelaide, Australia

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The bathrooms could use an update


Not as good as the last time I stayed here. Internet never worked and electricity went out on the 3rd floor. Staff not particularly helpful, breakfast pretty poor. Amenities were very clean though and a great central location. Would probably stay here again, hopefully this experience was just an anomaly.

Freedom Traveller

Rome, Italy

Staff are quite nice and helpful but like a lot of buildings in Italy this hostel is in a bit of disrepair, particularly the bathrooms. Central location though, wifi works well. Would probably stay here again.

A Venice Museum

Venice, Italy

Well overpriced, but you cant expect much else in Venice. Group dinners are great but this hostel is completely disorganised. No one was around before 10am to take my key so i lost my key deposit. Relatively clean. Probably wouldnt stay here again though.

Hostel Ruthensteiner

Vienna, Austria

Best hostel I've stayed in throughout Europe! Great facilities, security, cleanliness, and tons of space to just chill out. Tons of info on activities, this hostel could not have been better! Not a 'party hostel' but still has a cool bar. Will definitely be recommending to others :)

Euro Youth Hostel

Munich, Germany

Room D next to bar is extremely noisy until early hours of the morning and there was a loud buzzing sound (i think it was coming from the door) every five minutes throughout the whole night. I told staff but they did nothing about it. Great hostel if you like nightlife in your bedroom. Excellent idea having curtains for beds, great number of electricity points and excellent storage under beds. Perfect wifi,

U inn Berlin Hostel

Berlin, Germany

Excellent hostel, really clean bathrooms. Staff are very nice, funky neighbourhood, close to all amenities. Would definitely recommend.

St Christopher's Village

London, England

Showers are weird - some spray all over the place.Internet does not work in all rooms as advertised. Close to everything in London though.

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Hello and thanks for your thoughts on our hostel. We're happy to see you enjoyed your stay with us! Sorry if you had some difficulty with the showers. It is through our guests that we are able to find these problems and get them sortes so thanks for letting us know. As for the internet, we do offer free wifi as advertised, and moreoever, we offer two networks. While the wifi does work in many of the rooms, we do not advertise that it works in all the rooms. We just advertise that we provide free wifi which is accessible in most of the hostel, especially the common areas. Hope you enjoyed your stay in London and hope to see you back in the future! Sincerely, Patrick Kipfmiller Hostel Manager St. Christopher's VIllage