Reviews: Anonymous

Hostal El Grial

Cusco, Peru

Very Good Hostel and extremely helpful staff. Finding the Hostel is a bit difficult as the numbers on the road don't co-ordinate..... But its a great hostel!!!

Black&Wild Boutique Hostel

Tel Aviv, Israel

A very good location and very helpful staff.

Hotel Cecil

Marrakech, Morocco

Excellent location. Very kind and helpful staff. I will definitely go back to this place again.

Neverland Hostel

Istanbul, Turkey

Very Friendly and nice. The ideal place to stay in Istanbul.

Maison Hiya

Essaouira, Morocco

Very kind and helpful owner who make you feel at home in his lovely house.

Riad Tarik

Marrakech, Morocco

Good value fopr money if you don't mind roughing it out. Very good location.

Hotel Lido

Athens, Greece

The area that the Hotel is in is very seedy. But once you are inside its safe and clean. One of the receptionists called Adam is VERY VERY helpful and nice and is a credit to this hotel. If you can defend yourself in a rough neighbourhood its a good price to pay if you want to see Athens on a budget


Strange place. With a treasure of a place like PETRA nearby this place is perfect to exploit travellers, which they do. The rooms are ok but they just keep adding on cash to everything you purchase even though you have already paid for it. Please check this throughly.

Farah Hotel

Amman, Jordan

Good staff, other friendly travellers and cheap. Unfortunately Down-town Amma is not very nice.


A very easy-going and friendly place to stay. I will certainly use it again if i go to Berlin. I only felt that they should offer free coffee to people who stay there.

Neverland Hostel

Istanbul, Turkey

Great staff and wonderful atmosphere. A bit noisy in the nights as the rooms face the street. It would be great if the hostel provided maps of Istanbul (and its wonderful sights) and also has bus, tram and train timetables etc explaining how to get to these locations. It would be good if they could recommend a few restaurants for travellers on low budgets.

Montenegro Hostel Budva

Budva, Montenegro

No customer comment

Villa Banana

Dubrovnik, Croatia

The family who run the hostel are really very nice and helpful. The location is superb for the views. my room was fabulous!!! I would liek to suggest that the hostel introduces complimentary neccessities such as sugar/oil/salt/tean and coffee in their kitchen..... which will make the place perfect! Super...just go there.

Riad Tarik

Marrakech, Morocco

It would be great if we were given a key so that we could come and go as we like. Standing outside for an hour till someone opens the door is a bit unpleasant. Tarik who runs the place is a very nice guy, the breakfast is great and the place is very well located. Once all the decorations are done and the walls are painted Riad Tarik will be great for those who want to enjoy Marrakech on a budget.