Reviews: Anonymous

Blue Sky Hostel

Glasgow, Scotland

Kind of dingy, but helpful staff. And a good break from the hostel I was in before, where the staff was downright surly.

Bank Street Lodge

Fort William, Scotland

Nothing fancy, but seems to attract very nice other travelers. VERY clean. Felt secure enough to leave valuables in the room. Would certainly stay there again. Location was great - quite convenient if planning to bop around the area. Staff were quite nice.

St Enoch Hotel

Glasgow, Scotland

Very nice to have a towel. Staff was great; very friendly. I do wish there were a kitchen available. I heard there is a breakfast normally, but the guy at the desk said the milk hadn't arrived as expected. Bummer.

Smart Russell Square Hostel

London, England

This place was Bedlam. Lots of construction going on as well as packs of students (30-40 at a time) coming through, so things were chaotic to say the least. Staff were helpful, though, and the cleaning ladies ARE OVERWORKED and likely underpaid. They had their hands full with all the people schlepping through. They need SHELVES and HOOKS throughout as bags strewn all over were a sure fire hazard Also ridiculous to charge for lockers given the volume of people and construction guys with access.

Galaxy Hotel & Capsule

Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

Very nice breakfast. Toilets got a little smelly. But overall, good deal.