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Duo Housing Los Angeles

Los Angeles, USA

nice hostel the staff was great it was a okay hostel dan the owner is great made sure we were okay and was accommodating to our needs at the hostel and was great to be around and has great sense of humor to LOL i would stay there again


staff was great just there for a overnight layover to go to hawaii i thought it kind of out of the ordnary for the hostel not to have a roof i wouldnt stay there again


it was okay but not a a lot of food chioces in the area is mainly a mexican area in irving i met some people there who was staying there with me and it was nice talking to people and meeting other people from different parts of the world it was nice

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We are located in Historic Downtown Irving which is an up and coming area, with plenty of history spots to visit, parks to jog into, best Texas library and mainly - a major public transport hub - all within walking distance of our location. (i.e - 10 minutes or less walk). As far as food choices - both McDonalds and Burger King invested over $2mln each for brand new restaurants - less than 2 minutes walk from our location - and on your way to the Public Transport Station. In addition there is a Great - All You Can Eat - Brazilian Restaurant - 5 min walk from hostel. There's also Joe's Cafe - a typical American/Texan Diner, which we recommend to everyone of our visitors - 5 min walk.... And that's before we start listing the almost 10 Mexican joints around the area and a few smaller restaurants which cater to every taste. Finally, we have 4 Huge supermarkets within 5-10 minutes walk, which most backpackers take advantage of and cook for themselves .... .... Anyhow, you could have paid attention and read all that information on the wall right by the main entrance. Or you could have asked about our food/restaurant recommendations .... We would have gladly shared with you. Happy Travels! Ivan Ivanov Mgr Dallas Backpackers!