Reviews: Anonymous

Zorbas Hotel

Athens, Greece

This place is definitely you get what you pay for. You have to pay extra for a sheet to cover you. The location is right next to the metro which is good and accessible to get to but can get creepy late at night. Metros stop running at 12:30 so definitely use the buddy ststem.

HomePlus Hostel

Budapest, Hungary

The staff at this hostel were really nice and helpful. It was definitely at a good location, right by the bridge between Buda and Pest. I'd never been at a hostel that was inside a large apartment building before, but it was cool. And because there weren't a lot of people, you got to know everyone. The free dinner was tasty.

Palace Hostel

Vienna, Austria

I had a really nice time here, but I was looking to wind-down after travelling around so much. This is definitely not a youth-party hostel. It's family based, so if you're looking for nice views and a good nights sleep, this is the place. As mentioned by others, the free breakfast is great. It's not too bad getting there by public transportation, but it is by no means right by the city center. Just be aware that public transport on buses ends at a certain time and not to miss the last bus there.

Youth Hostel Meetingpoint

Amsterdam, Netherlands

The atmosphere was great, not too party-heavy but not too dull either. The neighborhood was very close to everything and I walked everywhere with ease. Personally, I didn't get anything stolen, but while I was there, a girl got her iPad taken and another guy got his iPhone snatched while he was charging it in the lobby. There also aren't any locks on the door, thankfully there are on the showers though! I guess I'd recommend it if you are conscious of where your things are and use a locker.

Queen Elizabeth Chelsea

London, England

If there was one word I'd use to describe the hostel, it'd be rickety. The staff were nice and helpful enough, but it just seemed a little overcrowded and the bathroom facilities were pretty old. You could also only get wifi in the main lobby/pub area and it didn't reach to your rooms. I was always afraid the bunk beds would topple over every time I climbed up on them and they made a lot of noise.

Brussels Hello Hostel

Brussels, Belgium

It seemed very safe at the hostel, and the free breakfast was decent, given that it was free. They put me in the building that was down the block from the main building because that was the all-female hostel area. I didn't mind, but I'm not sure if everyone would prefer that. They had a lot of helpful maps and the staff was informative on how to get to the airport.

HI Portland - Northwest

Portland, USA

I had a pleasant stay at this hostel. Everything was fairly clean and organized, the staff was very helpful and friendly regarding directions, letting us borrow umbrellas, and recommendations for places to go. It was in a good area twenty minutes from downtown and general walking distance from anywhere one would want to go in Portland.