Reviews: Anonymous

La Casona Hostel

Santiago, Chile

The place is awesome but some things bothered me. As I understood, they rent the backyard for events and there were parties and meetings every single day up to 12AM (for the ones in the back rooms it would be a problem) and one day one of the staff (or owner) took some people for a "sightseeing" in the house, which is a terrible security issue, once we are not allowed to take outsiders. The breakfast was good, but the person in charge of taking care of it seemed a little bit flustered.

American Dream Hostel

New York, USA

The hostel is really good. They were under repair at the moment I was there, but after all work the place was always extremelly clean. Breakfast was as good as the place. It's located pretty close to everything.


Zurich, Switzerland

This was by far the most strange place I ever stayed. The hostel itself is good (not considering the dingy bar downstairs) and it is clear that they are improving the place. My issue was the location, which is in an odd neighbourhood, even though it is pretty close to the station, and people, who were not like the ones you may find commonly in hostels (there was a guy walking naked during the night one day). At the last day I had to be locked inside the dorm due to my early check-out (bad!).

Euro Youth Hostel

Munich, Germany

I definitely didn't liked the place. My dorm wasn't cleaned (not even the floor was swept or anything else) and smelled really bad. The bathrooms are terrible (just like the ones in gyms). Staff were nice, but some of them couldn't give any accurate informatiion and were constantly apologizing for that. The only common room was the bar or the sofas in front of the the baths. The neighborhood is too strange and a I couldn't feel safe there, even though it was close to the main station.


Vienna, Austria

I absolutely L-O-V-E-D that place!!! Before booking it, I read people saying that the place was wonderful and that their stay were like visiting a friend... and that is definitely true. The place is stylish and super clean, staff is AMAZING and mega organised... it was the BEST place I ever stayed in all my life... I can't wait to return to Vienna... and staying at myMOjOvie!!! I highly recommed staying with them!

Hostel HOMEr

Prague, Czech Republic

Right in the middle of the old town... definitely a wonderful location. Staff is nice but a little bit disorganised. The 5 bed dorm I've stayed is fabulous (paid the price!!!). Only bad thing was that laundry facilities were broken... but my stay there was fantastic.

Eastener Hostel

Berlin, Germany

The hostel is better than I expected. My dorm was really spatious and clean. It is a really small place... and super quiet... perfect for the ones who prefer to relax after a long day of sightseeing. The best part of it was the location, which is even closer than I thought to the Musemplatz. Highly recommed!


Amsterdam, Netherlands

This hostel is one of my favourites of my last trip in Europe. Everything was nice, staff is wonderful, the environment is fantastic... I've enjoyed every single moment there.


The place itself is perfect (including structure and facilities) and it is by far one of the best places I ever stayed. Location is also a good aspect: really close to the tube with easy access to all places. However, all staff were extremely rude (I've heard a girl calling a guest "stupid") and unhelpful. They were even rude with each other in front of guests. They also received 3 big groups of children and teenagers and the staff couldn't manage all mess they were making there.

Hostel Suites Florida

Buenos Aires, Argentina

The location of this hostel is the only advantage. My disappointment was related to the environment. It seems like you are in the middle of a party all day long. People just seek for this place because of the partying options, as I realised, and there is no space to relax a little. Also, my cousin and I had problems with people in the shared bedrooms going in and out all the time during the whole night. Another point that I did not like was the fact of seeing a staff drinking with some guests.

HI Ouro Preto

Ouro Preto, Brazil

É um dos hostels com a melhor localização em Ouro Preto, porém fácil de se perder na chegada. O melhor é ir até a praça Antônio Dias para subir a travessa. A descida desta é muito íngrime.