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Location: USA, Gender: Male, Age: 34

Backpacker's Home

Jeju Island, South Korea

A super friendly, fun, clean, and relaxing hostel. Backpacker's home organized outdoor BBQ's on their very spacious patio-cafe and it was a great way to spend time with other travelers and eat some scrumptious food. The hostel is only about a 3-minute walk to Seogwipo's downtown open markets, 5-minute walk to local bus terminal, 10-minute walk to beautiful waterfalls, and a 15-minute walk to Oedolgae and the Olle trail. I had a wonderful stay and I'd definitely return to stay again.

U & I Guesthouse

Jeju Island, South Korea

A very clean and easy-going centrally-located hostel. English-speaking friendly staff was very helpful in pointing me in the right direction to get around Jeju. Hostel is about an 8-minute walk from the main bus terminal, 1-minute walk from City Hall, and about a 10-minute walk from Boris Brewery and other great restaurants and pubs in the area. Fairly easy to find, just examine the map. My stay was very pleasant and I'd be happy to return in the future.

Chan Guest House

Busan, South Korea

It was my second time staying at Chan Guest House and the overall hostel experience was just as magnificent as the first. Mr. Chan is also a very caring, splendid, and generous man. Due to eating something in the city, I got really sick and had to go to the Emergency Room. Mr. Chan escorted me to the nearby hospital and stayed with me until I was feeling better, 8 hours later!!! Mr. Chan is awesome! I'm an avid traveler and Chan Guest House is one of the most pleasant places I've ever stayed at.

Dyeing and Hostel Nakashimaya

Kumamoto Shi, Japan

Probably one of the most cleanest and unique hostels I've ever stayed at. The staff was also very helpful in answering all my questions. In comparison to other hostels I've stayed at around the world, I found this hostel to have an all-business type feel to it as I felt a little nickel & dimed for everything. You'll be charged for every individual piece of toast and packet of jelly, etc. However, you'll find there are plenty of amenities to make up for this and help you have a great stay. Enjoy!

Casa Noda

Nagasaki, Japan

Awesome location! Cheerful, fun, and super social hostel volunteers. Shinji, the owner, was also really great and happily answered all my questions. Shinji also recommended a little hole-in-the-wall tempura place on the other side of town where I ate the absolute best tempura I've ever had, really. Ask him to point you in the right direction for some awesome grub. Casa Noda is a relaxing, cozy hostel that made it easy to chill and meet with other travelers, as well as get some good sleep. Enjoy!


Kyoto, Japan

Everything was absolutely perfect! Yashi and his wife were great hosts and helped me find my way around Kyoto, in addition to offering many recommendations that served to be magnificent. The hostel itself is located just a block or two away from Gion (the "geisha district"), one block away from the riverwalk, and 5-minute walking distances from many notable temples and shrines in the area. The hostel was also kept very clean, secure, and easily allowed for other travelers to meet and greet.

Maya's Nest

New Delhi, India

Location is fairly close to the airport and away from the center of the city, which can be convenient for anyone who is just stopping through Delhi. However, unfortunately upon my revival, I ascertained that the hostel was amid rennovation and I couldn't stay there. Having worked construction before, I understand that complications can arise, but a one-day notice would have been nice. Despite this, Maya was very friendly and helpful in setting us up with a nice room at a friend's house closeby.

Castle House

Goa, India

This hostel was a super chill place to stay and offered many opportunities to meet up with other travelers while playing billiards or relaxing at the poolside bar/cafe where I was able to order a variety of drinks and eat some delectable meals. Dave, the owner, was very helpful and also cool to chill with. He also set up cheap scooter rentals and taxis to take in and around Goa. The hostel has decent sized rooms and is also just down the street from the main strip in Calangute Beach. Cool place!

Travellers Inn

Mumbai, India

This hostel was a decent place to stay for a night and I'd recommend it to Mumbai short-timers. The Colaba, Fort area, Back Bay, Churchgate Train Station and Chhatrapati Train Station are all fairly close and made it convenient to travel back-and-forth from the hostel. A/C will cost you a bit more per night, and check-in is not until 12, but other than that, there were no hassles here.

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Hostel Le Alfanso

New Delhi, India

Kind of the run-of-the-mill hostel, but I didn't have any hassles as I agreed to the final price beforehand using my HW reservation sheet. Being about 1/2 mile away from the New Delhi Train Station, it made it convenient to take a few day trips outside of Delhi. Rooms that face the main street are pretty loud, so ask for another if you get stuck with one. My room was fairly dusty and there were a few bugs crawling around, but nothing to cry about. Not a super bad place to stay for a night or two

Chan Guest House

Busan, South Korea

This hostel is so much fun! The staff is super friendly helping to provide the perfect atmosphere to meet and spend time with other travelers and stay up the entire night with no curfew rules. It's location is also great as it only just a few blocks from the wonderful sands and happenings of Haeundae Beach. I will definitely plan on returning to stay at Chan's Guesthouse this summer.