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Despite being in a 13bed dorm, the hostel was really quiet and I got a good nights sleep. There is plenty of space for socializing, so even if you're traveling alone you're sure to make a few friends or at least share some company. Breakfast is a cereal buffet, by the way, with some toes on the side :)

Hostel Marmota

Innsbruck, Austria

There isn't anything bad about this hostel, and for location it's a little bit out of the old town, but it's very accessible by bus. The kitchen is great- a lot of space and a lot of equipment.

Wombats City Hostel Munich

Munich, Germany

I really liked all the wombats hostels I've stayed at, and this is no difference. The chill out room is really cool.. Unfortunately the music from the bar could be heard on the 2nd floor, so it was sometimes disturbing.

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Hi there! Thanks very much for your comment! If the bar music is too loud feel free and don't hesitate to report to reception. The accoustic in our bar is pretty weird which leads to the fact that the bar staff often actually can't judge the volume properly. Sounds crazy but this is really true. They depend on feedback from outside the bar. It has something to do with wormholes. They are all over the place. - Ok, that was a lie. But otherwise I am quite authentic. Happy travels!

Ostello Bello

Milan, Italy

I love this place! The staff were very helpful, friendly, and happy to have a chat. The bar area is nice to chat with other guests and that staff. The dinner meal deal is great- buy a drink and get some food! It is like they know what budget translate want. They also organized a Ferragosto feast while I was there and it was spectacular!

My Friends

Florence, Italy

My friends was a great place to stay- it is small and cozy, with a friendly atmosphere (by both staff and other guests). I was helped in everyday I needed- things to see, places to eat gelato, trains to regional Toscana and to Milan. There is no 'reception' (just the kitchen) which helps 'My Friends' be what it is- welcoming, open, friendly, helpful.

Academica Summer Hostel

Helsinki, Finland

It is a shame that this isn't open all year round. It was a great, clean, comfortable hostel, with friendly and helpful staff. I had a 4 bed dorm booked, only to find it was 3 beds. It was great. The kitchenette in the room made a little noise when people used it late, but otherwise it was great having a fridge in the room- no fear of people stealing food.

Oops Design Hostel

Paris, France

I liked Oops. It is in a nice area of Paris and in close proximity to two metro stops. It is also a nice (but not short) walk to Notre Dame and the Seine. Everyone I met in this hostel was really nice.


Belfast, Northern Ireland

Vagabonds is one of the best hostels I have stayed at. The staff are very helpful and willing, as well as lovely people who are happy to have a chat or a game of pool with you.

Perminalen Hotel

Oslo, Norway

Having breakfast and linen included was a benefit, as most other hostels ask you to pay extra for both. The location gives you access to most places of interest easily.

Generator Hostel Copenhagen

Copenhagen, Denmark

I liked the open bar/chill-out space as it was nice to sit there and have something happening around you as well as make some friends. There were some other people in my dorm who were not really considerate to the other people in there, but I do not know the targeted demographic of this hostel (it seems more like a mix between a hotel and hostel in the people it services)

City Backpackers Hostel

Stockholm, Sweden

It was an awesome hostel, with really helpful staff, great facilities, and good activities to get everyone involved.


Helsinki, Finland

No customer comment

Tampere Dream Hostel

Tampere, Finland

It is a shame that breakfast is not included in the price, or at least offered. It is nice to be able to leave a hostel, in a new city, with a full belly. The bathrooms are clean, but there isn't really anywhere to out your stuff while you are showering, like a shelf in the shower. Otherwise, the hostel was fine to stay at.

Wombats City Hostel Budapest

Budapest, Hungary

I have stayed at Wombats previously (in Vienna), and felt very content after my stay. Budapest City Wombats did not disappoint. The location was excellent, with bars, restaurants, shops and public transport nearby. MY itinerary was designed by my Hungarian friends, and even they said that this was the best district. Breakfast was worth the 1000fo. The atmosphere during the evening was very social.


I loved the Wombats. I was a solo traveller and I made friends very easily in the Wombar. The staff are very helpfull and cheery, and offer a lot of information about everything, in Vienna and around. The cooking facilities are great, and they offer a breakfast for a small added extra. It was great, and I would definitely stay there again, and recommend it to other people.