Reviews: Anonymous

Caribe Corazon

Playa del Carmen, Mexico

I loved the place and plan to go back, But---The Map Is Wrong. Correct it or take it down. Directions to the Hotel need to be much clearer. And Not having a contact phone number is unexceptable. Nice quiet place.

Refugio Hostel

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Cleaning Ladies do a good job and the all the people at the reception desk speak English well. A lack of good restaurants in the area is a problem (and be prepared to pay $6 USD/kg at the nearest laundry) but the kitchen is well equipped.(just bring your own tea and mug to put it in). All in all very good.

Varandas do Vidigal Hostel & Lounge

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

The best thing and the worst thing are the same thing . Location. Half way up the side of a steep mini mountain, the view can't be beat but everything is uphill or down hill, makeing it a hard place to live, one of the reasons that it was aviable for the poor to build there. A few piles of trash in the streets, but the hostel is as clean as you could ask for and the Ac good. The 10x12 foot dimensions of the 6 bed dorm give you an idea of the space avalable. I stayed in at night and enjoyed.

RC Miguel Angel

Madrid, Spain

The lack of any common area and the small kitchen made even eating breakfast awkward ,so, just a place to sleep.A nice, newly renovated,clean,conveniently located place to sleep but be prepared to put up with close quarters.Given the physical limits of the building I think that the owners are doing a very good job.

Emerald Fields

Florence, Italy

Really is a great location .Shuttle bus from airport to train station, 10 min. walk dragging my luggage to hostel,then easy stroll to all the main attractions.A little hard to find,especially at night, but follow directions then call and they will come out into the street to collect you.

La Iguana Perdida

Lake Atitlan, Guatemala

I went for a few days,stayed a week.The food is good and if you want to splurge a little the place just across the road,run by an older German couple,is very good (sine up befor 3pm).Just two warnings,the walls in the older buildings are very thin (when I was there the other travelers were very considerate) and the showers have electric heaters wired at the shower head they do not work well and if you touch the shower head you will get a shock.