Reviews: Anonymous

Ocean Blue Hostel

Miami, USA

Great location right on ocean drive. Loved the roof top deck with jacuzzi, lounge areas and excellent views of the beach. People could have been a little more social (i hate to see people staring into their laptops late into the night in the lobby) maybe some organized activities (bar crawls or games) could make this hostel a bit more active. Staff is nice, the bar on hand is a great perk but would like to see cheaper prices for guests. Great place though, would stay here again.

SoBe Hostel & Bar

Miami, USA

Pretty good place. I liked the pool table (takes 4 quarters) and bar (with some cold food) in the lobby. Some other lounge areas would be nice (like a rooftop deck or basement). Kitchen pretty small for a hostel of this size AND doesn't have a range top...just toaster ovens and microwaves. TV room a nice addition. Excellent cevache place next door for a quick close meal. Rooms are a little stuffy and top bunks can be a bit challenging to get into. Showers ok but they need benches for stuff


This hostel has a good location and you can get some great views of the city, even if your room isn't that high in the building due to the roof. BUT, it can get very hot in the summer (even in lower floors) since there is hardly any AC units in rooms and no cross ventilation. Not much to do on the room and it is not a very social hostel...just people looking at laptops in the cafe mostly. Bathrooms are little beat up and smell kind of moldy, kitchens could be cleaner too. Nice, smart staff


This is a nice off the beaten path alternative to the pricier downtown hostels. The staff is very friendly and down to earth...real tried and true Bostonians that know the town well. The place can be a bit loud at times and attracts some partiers even though they advertise it as being a chill place. but that can be a good thing since they have a pool table and nice pub and theater room downstairs, nice cafe and lounge too. though outside boston its easy to get downtown with free shuttle to T


Great atmosphere and people were outgoing and friendly. back patio was awesome. My only complaints would be the $5 charge for a towel, and they could have more hostel sponserd activities inside and out of the hostel. ALSO, for a hostel that says it tries to be "green" they don't recycle, compost or provide alternatives to paper towels (ie hand towels).