Reviews: Anonymous Bergen

Bergen, Norway

What a sorry excuse for a hostel! True, it is the cheapest option in town and the closest to the train station, but the rooms and beds aren't clearly marked, it's dark, difficult to find and there are no mirrors or shower curtains in the bathroom. Spend the money and stay ELSEWHERE. I wish I had.

Flying Pig Beach Hostel

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Great value hostel, but you are a good hour outside of the city. They have a shuttle leaving at set times, so adjust your schedule accordingly and make sure to have a reservation and it won't be a problem. The beach alone is worth it! I wish there were more bathrooms, though, and updated bathrooms at that--be prepared to wait a long time if they're at maximum capacity. The staff is wonderful--I saw them at their best every day during my stay and the atmosphere was very fun!

Parthenon Hostel

Chicago, USA

Maybe I was just here during the off season, but it wasn't a fun place to hang out. The common area has a nice tv and sitting area, but the internet was down. There wasn't much to pick from at breakfast and I can't believe I had to pay to keep my bag there when I paid almost $30 for an 8 girl dorm room.