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London House Hotel

London, England

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YHA London Oxford Street

London, England

I literally froze in that room as they do not have sufficient heat. They try to hard to cut any expense... That is not one to cut... When I asked for a solution I was told that "sorry they are environmentally friendly heaters" I agree, good for the environment because they don't heat one bit. I would not want to repeat my experience there.

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Hi Andreas, we are genuinely sorry you had an uncomfortable experience during your stay and thank you for bringing this to our attention. Our room heaters automatically cut off after reaching 25 degrees which makes them environmentally and cost friendly however this is not intended to be at the customers' expense and they of course should be in good working order in the cold winter months. I am sorry you were not offered an extra blanket or two when you came to reception and an investigation to see if there was a fault with the heater at the time of your complaint. If you would like to discuss this further please email me directly on

Kinlay House Dublin

Dublin, Ireland

Where to begin! No heating until 20h00 in winter is totally UNACCEPTABLE in a develop country after telling the employee attitude is one of nonchalance and total unawareness. If you cant smile and pleasant then work in a different industry. The rooms are completely out of shape, a shack in Thailand has more to offer (and I mean it). Breakfast is bare bone. Please do yourself a favor and check out other places, with the amount of money they make there is no excuse not to invest in their property.

The Kildare Street Hotel

Dublin, Ireland

Thank you Peter Great check-in Made me feel right at home

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Good to meet you Andreas and look forward to getting to Montreal and checking out your place/s. Good luck in your ventures and drop us a line if your coming back this way again. Peter