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Location: USA, Age: 30

Istanbul Hostel

Istanbul, Turkey

The hostel ıs located ın a very central place that ıs easıly accesıble usıng publıc transportatıon. In fact, one can even walk to all the major tourıst attractıons ın Sultanahmet from thıs hostel. It ıs run by two cousıns Paco and Emre. Both are extremely helpful and go out of theır way to make sure guests have a pleasant stay. They also offer good deals on tourıst packages from local companıes. The wıfı ınternet ıs fast and has great bandwıdth.

Old Penang GuestHouse

Penang, Malaysia

Pretty clean, although I've seen better. The old Chinese guy who runs the place is really friendly, knowlegeable and helpful.

NapPark Hostel at Khao San

Bangkok, Thailand

No customer comment

Prince Of Wales

Singapore, Singapore

While POW is a fun place to have a beer, it sucks as a hostel. Dorm occupants share a bathroom with the bar's customers which means that the bathrooms are extremely dirty (especially so for Singapore standards). Security is not high- the door to the dorms is always unlocked and pretty much anyone can come up to the dorms. Finally, the dorms themselves are on the 2nd floor- which means that you must go down a flight of stairs to use the bathroom.

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Hi there, We are sorry that you did not feel the hostel was up to scratch. We do have a dedicated housekeeper who maintains the bathrooms to a good standard, although on a busy Friday or Saturday night it may need more attention. As for security, we have CCTV on the stairs, which are also clearly signposted as access for guests only. After the bar closes the only access to the hostel is using a regularly changed code at the back door, which is only given to guests and staff. In 7 years we have not had a theft from our dormitories, and the only unauthorised people in the dorms have been those brought back by guests against our rules. As for the location of the bathroom, as a building in one of the few heritage areas in Singapore we are limited with what renovation we can do. Most of our guests stay because they like the in formality and old charm of the place, but there will always be some people who want something a little more standardised - for that, we are truly sorry. With best regards, Alex Manager

Rucksack Inn @ Temple Street

Singapore, Singapore

No customer comment


Pros: Clean, neat, good location. Cons: Hard mattresses (especially for those used to European hostels), can be very hard to find. Note that this place does not have a phone number listed on the website. Make sure you get their number before going to China- I was held up at passport control for 30 minutes while the security guard verified that I would be staying at a legitimate hostel.