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Location: USA, Gender: Male, Age: 30

TIU Kreschatik

Kiev, Ukraine

The location of this hostel is wonderful. Practically within the main square and other amenities like restaurants, shops, market, and transport. The staff is incredibly nice & helpful. It only has one bathroom and one shower, which isn't necessarily a deal breaker if there aren't many people staying at the time you're there, but I can see how it might become an issue. I'd definitely stay here again though. It's an excellent deal and you're guaranteed a safe, friendly, & comfortable stay.

Barcelona Central Garden

Barcelona, Spain

A nice and clean hostel with a friendly staff. The rooms are nice and the common areas are good. WIFI throughout is excellent. It's nearby some restaurants and store and a short walk to the metro and Gran Via. It's worth the price and would most certainly stay here again.

Sunset Destination Hostel

Lisbon, Portugal

The staff here is very nice. You are thoroughly introduced to the hostel upon arrival, which is very welcoming and appreciated. The hostel is kept very clean at all times of the day and even night. Showers and bathroom are clean. The location is pretty good as it is adjacent to the metro as well as tram and bus stops. The WIFI connection throughout the hostel is top notch. I'd definitely stay here again. I wish I had some time for the guest activities. They looked fun! Next time :-)

Four Courts Hostel

Dublin, Ireland

The hostel is in a convenient location along the Liffey. It's very close by a few good pubs and about a less than 10 minutes walk from the edges of Temple Bar. Most of the staff were friendly, though there were a couple that had a less than friendly attitude. The atmosphere overall was lively. Lots of friendly travelers around. Internet was superb in the rooms. Very clean hostel. Can get a bit loud in the hallways sometimes, but nothing unbearable and out of the norm. A bit pricey.

Istanbul Hostel

Istanbul, Turkey

The facilities are well kept and the atmosphere is nice. My only gripe about my room was that it was so hot. I understand if it's an old building and it may not have AC, but a fan would be a wonderful alternative to provide. The room was very nice otherwise. Comfy bed, somewhat modern, and very clean. The location is great. Close to the Blue Mosque and Hagia Sofia, as well as a tram stop. WIFI worked wonderfully. I'd stay here again because the staff was really helpful and friendly.

Arabian Nights

Cairo, Egypt

The accommodations were basic, but what made it great for me was the very helpful and friendly staff. They really make sure you're taken care of and you're getting the most out of your stay in Cairo. While the facilities are old, it's very clean and what you would expect for a hotel/hostel in this price range. The WIFI was excellent and all the chai you can drink is great. I didn't care much for the location but it's close enough to a nice park, square with restaurants, as well as a bazaar.

Economy Hotel

Athens, Greece

The facilities are well kept. My room was cleaned daily, sometimes twice. I'm always provided fresh towels and the bed is always made. Breakfast could use some improvement, but hey, it does the job and it's more than enough to hold me over until lunch. The staff is so friendly and is very quick to offer suggestions as to what to do around the city. The WIFI access is superb. The location is okay. It's about a 10 minute walk to the closest metro, but the walk is relatively safe.

Istanbul Hostel

Istanbul, Turkey

The staff were friendly and very helpful. The facilities are kept clean. The atmosphere is nice, lots of travelers that actually talk to each other. I was put in the flat a few doors down from the actual hostel in a single and did not have WIFI connection. It was quiet there though. Location is superb. Lots of restaurants nearby, as well as main sites, and a tram stop. I'd go back again in a heartbeat because the staff was great.

Sleep in Heaven

Copenhagen, Denmark

It's hardly a sleep in heaven, that's for sure. Though the common areas were large, social, and got very loud pretty late at night and WIFI access was decent (only in the common area though, not in the rooms), everything else about this hostel wasn't all that great. The rooms were a decent size and the lockers are convenient, but it could use some sprucing up. The rooms looked dumpy and very much like a jail. The bathrooms were decent but could use more cleaning throughout the day.

EastSeven Berlin Hostel

Berlin, Germany

I loved the social atmosphere at this place. It wasn't too crazy, yet it was fun. The people that stayed here were cool. The rooms are very clean, the WIFI access is great, the common areas are nice, the kitchen is big, and the staff is incredible helpful. Loved the happy hours every night. It's conveniently located near many food options as well as Prater, Berlin's oldest biergarten. It's about a 5 minute walk to the underground station. I would DEFINITELY stay here again for sure!

Residenza Santa Croce

Venice, Italy

They really should get WIFI at this place. The rooms are a few minutes walk from where you actually check-in. The rooms are clean, but can get very hot as there is no AC. There is virtually no social atmosphere whatsoever at this place. There's no common rooms, no kitchens, no hangout areas. It's pretty much like a hotel, except somewhat shared accommodations. It is a good price for Venice though. I would stay again for a quiet and relaxing time...but maybe not when it's hot.


it is convenient if you need to stay really close to the airport. the neighborhood is pretty nasty. it's good for the price if it's convenience to the airport is all you're looking for. it is otherwise a 20-30 soles cab ride to miraflores and maybe 15-20 to lima centre. the facilities were good, the staff was pretty nice and helpful, and it appears to be pretty secured. you get your own lockers in the room, which is nice. it's kept pretty clean and the wifi is decent in the common area.

Pisko & Soul

Cusco, Peru

This is such a nice place that you would never even think it was a hostel. The location is perfect! It's quiet but just a very short walk or extremely cheap taxi ride to the main centre. It's clean, the facilities are authentic and full of character, wifi is great, and everything else I can think of that you would want in your stay. Most importantly, Eduardo (Edu) is the best host ever! He really takes care of you, makes sure you're good, and overall an outstanding guy. Stay here people!


At the end of the day, this is a place to sleep, store your stuff, hang out with some travelers, relax, and chill. From what I've noticed, all the hostels within and around Lima are very comparable in looks, style, cleanliness, and amenities. What makes this one in particular so outstanding for me was the host, Jesus. He genuinely cares about his guests and will do everything he possibly can to make sure that you have the best stay in Lima. I would DEFINITELY stay here again in the future!

Flying Pig Downtown

Amsterdam, Netherlands

What I loved most about this place is the staff. So nice and helpful. The bar and smoking area downstairs is pretty neat too. Nice common place to hangout in. It gets quite loud at this hostel so be sure to have some solid earplugs. The location is good. Not too far from the train station (I'd say about 5-10 minutes walk). The WIFI hardly ever worked for me, not in the room nor the downstairs common area. It's clean enough for hostel, though not spotless. Definitely a party hostel!

Pathpoint Cologne

Cologne, Germany

They have way too many extended stayers at this hostel. My hostel looked like it had been lived in by the same group of people for months. Not comfortable at all. Other than that, the hostel is clean, the fixtures are quite modern, the lockers in the room are nice and big, the staff is pretty nice, WIFI works. You get your own light and plug by your bed in a 4-bed. Super close to the train station. Not too many amenities around this hostel though. No events for guests. Kinda boring.

Durty Nellys Inn

Amsterdam, Netherlands

If you plan on getting a good night's sleep, go elsewhere or have some super good ear plugs, especially if you're on the floor adjacent to the street or even just a couple of floors from the bar. The facilities are average. A little dirty, to be honest. Not that clean. Nothing special, really. The staff is pretty cool though. The location is nice. Very close to the train station and all the main spots to see in the city. The pub below is fine. Decent prices for the hostel guests.

St Christopher's Village

London, England

The rooms and showers were clean when I got there late in the afternoon, early evening. Seems like they cleaned it everyday. It's a party hostel so if you're not down with the loud music, travelers, and craziness, don't stay here, except it was a staff member that came in the room at 3 am shouting at a guest for being in the wrong bed that night that made the most noise to me. WIFI connection was decent. The beds were comfortable and wasn't loud and squeaky like your typical hostel bunks.

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We couldn't have said better ourselves, but we're much happier top hear you say it! Sorry about the staff member in the night, but if it were somone in your bed you would have been quite happy to have them removed. Thanks for the nice review and may you be imbued with good karma wherever you travel to next! St. Christopher's Team

Euro Hostel Glasgow

Glasgow, Scotland

Room I stayed in was filthy when I first walked in. A room for 8, only 4 lockers were usable. Rest were broken. The beds are alright. Made a ton of noise though. Bathrooms were kept decent and the showers had plenty of hot water. Free WIFI is accessed from the adjacent bar and the connection was slow or non-existent. Staff wasn't particularly friendly or helpful. Breakfast is decent though nothing special at all. Honestly, this hostel was not worth the price.

Mosaic Hostel

Rome, Italy

andrea, luca, and jen: you guys are an amazing bunch. the most friendly, helpful, personable, and awesome people i have ever met in the service industry. the quality of service in this hostel exceeds that in top level hotels and hostels i have stayed in the past. aside from the service, the rooms are nice and the location is just right. very clean. no complaints. the price was fair too. i would definitely stay here again next time i'm in rome and will recommend it to all my friends.

Hostel of the Sun

Naples, Italy

loved the staff at this hostel. they're all very fun, outgoing, nice, and helpful. there is a bar in the kitchen and it's a great place to meet and talk to other travelers. the building is very secured and is cleaned daily. i think my bed had bed bugs because i got about 10 bites on my upper body, but to be honest, i had such an excellent experience in this hostel, that it was really the least of my worries. that, and i think it was case specific- the other beds in my room didn't have it.


the staff is very nice. the rooms can be cleaner though. it was off season when i went so there wasn't an issue with queues for the bathroom (although i can see why it could be an issue). the thing i didn't like was they turned off the heat in the middle of the night because the entire hostel was freezing and getting out of bed was extremely difficult because it was so cold. it's a decent place to stay though if you're just looking for a bed and nothing else special.

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The hostel including common areas, bathroom, kitchen and all dorms are swept down and mopped every day between the hours of 11am and 1.30pm. This keeps the hostel adequately clean and there is little else we can do. We are uncertain of the specifics of what you found unclean but obviously occasionally there are messy individuals sharing dorms with people (this is beyond our control). In terms of fun a place is as fun as you make it we have have free computers, pool table, tv, music playing and beers for sale but do try and invite a relaxed atmosphere.

Mosaic Hostel

Rome, Italy

this hostel is a short walk from the main train station and a metro stop. it's a nice and relatively quiet location. the facilities are good. clean and maintained well. breakfast is basic but more than enough. it's not a party hostel and i wish the staff organized events for the guests. the staff is really awesome though! jen and andrea and the dark haired guy (forgot his name) are extremely helpful, friendly, and full of suggestions and ideas. i would stay here again and recommend it!

Las Musas Hostel

Madrid, Spain

las musas has a good atmosphere. if you're looking for fun, traveling solo and looking to meet some people to hang out with, participate in some decent hostel-planned activities, then this is the place! the location is unbeatable. very close to all major hotspots of madrid. it is about a 1 minute walk to a metro station. the facilities are kept pretty clean. i must say though that if you're looking to get some sleep during your stay, i wouldn't recommend this place. the walls are paper thin! you wil

Camden Hall Hostel

Dublin, Ireland

The hostel is okay. Very cold though. I don't think the heat worked in my room. Relatively clean for a hostel. The location is alright but not great. It's a walk to all the cool/hot spots. The price is good though and the water is plenty hot. The staff is nice. Very helpful and honest.