Reviews: MariposaLynn

Location: USA, Gender: Female, Age: 39

AAE Denver Ramada

Denver, USA

I checked in and my room was a mess. I thought for a second maybe someone is still checked in? I looked around and didn't see any personal belongings. Just a newspaper and a bed with sheets everywhere. There was a maid and I let her know and she told me she get to it later. I asked if she could at least make the bed? So she did unhappily. I essentially booked a dirty room! Oh yeah they are 42o friendly because the halls reeked. Not my cup of tea as I was traveling with two teens.


It was okay. I did get attack by bed bugs and after talking to several different people I found out this is a problem at the hostel. I know it's a problem your tryna control but what can you do?? I hope u find a solution to this problem.


I enjoyed my stay here. I didn't get the chance to meet anyone staying here because I was constantly on the go. I know my last night there was entertaining for all. I think we all know what tylenol is now, right??? haha I love the staff, every1 was laid back except when u walked me to the atm totally inebriated. I do remember that part and I remember the young lady saying this feels so wrong! LOL Don't feel bad, I understand. MAHALO for your hospitality!