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Location: Australia, Gender: Male, Age: 31

Great place, lively and fun, great facilities, clean and fun. was in a centre of some great local restaurants it wasn't on the metro line however so it was a bit or an adjustment to figure out the JR loop line.

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Thank you for your comment! We are happy you like our facilities:) Fukushima area is famous for good restaurants actually. Yes we have to go back to Osaka if we want to take subway but it's not too bad we think;) Hope to see you again !

Khaosan Tokyo Samurai

Tokyo, Japan

small walk from the metro or the main area of Asakusa but not a problem, staff were great. facilities were clean, only issue was the freight train snoring from one of the girls in the room next to mine. but that's not the hostels fault.

Hostel 64 Osaka

Osaka, Japan

Super friendly and helpful staff, and a good price for a double room. also very close to the metro, even if it was a little hard to find. though the smell of urinal cake on the 3rd floor was a bit pungent but only effected the toilet

Frankfurt Hostel

Frankfurt, Germany

so the guy tending to the bar on Saturday night (27th) just went around to grab himself a beer and completely ignored the 6 odd people waiting to get one. that aside the check in staff were always lovely. facilities were always clean and aside from the thumping in the evenings from the sex clubs down the street, the place was pretty decent. definitely would stay here again.

Sleep in Heaven

Copenhagen, Denmark

it's not really near anything but easily can get to it, as long as you don;t mind a short walk. the dorm was separate from the reception but pretty well secure, pretty big room, staff were very helpful most times even when i had to pay in euros rather than kroners, it was on the better end of the hostel scale compared to some other places i have stayed. Will stay here again.


Amsterdam, Netherlands

so the surprise $150 euro deposit could have been mentioned on the confirmation as this was sprung on me after some trouble getting into Amsterdam from Paris, so i wasn't in the mood to try and find an ATM in a city i have never been to. took about 45 round trip to get back to the apartment, the girl who checked me in seemed confused as to why i didn't have $150 just magically in my wallet, considering how pricy this place was.


so the apartment was up 6 flights of stairs, and the lift is located inside someones house which was pretty inconvenient and no one likes running up 6 flights of stairs after walking around Paris all day. the door to the bathroom was missing so in a room of 4 people it was pretty awkward at times. also i wasn't aware this was an expensive part of Paris to be in, luckily its close to a laundry and supermarche

Baxpax Kreuzberg Hostel

Berlin, Germany

wi-fi drop's out a lot but that was the only issue, The British guy who checked me in was great, really helpful and nice, room was quirky and interesting, and you could smoke in doors. pretty relaxed vibe but if you want sleep in the evenings, the dorms closest to reception are not great due to the thumping from reception/bar

Litus Roma Hostel

Rome, Italy

internet was slow and limited computers but the hostel was clean and spacious. also opposite a beach. it was awesome. plus the area has some great places to eat. even though its a bit out of Rome, it was great otherwise


London, England

really great place to meet people, the staff however were not friendly at all