Reviews: Anonymous

LSE Carr-Saunders Hall

London, England

It's actually a students house of LSE, so it kind of looks like a prison. Don't expect to find young travelers, most of guests are 40 or more years old. Don't expect to get too much sleep, either. My mattress had a hole in the middle of it, and very early in the morning they started moving furniture on the floor above me, so I always had to wake up around 7. The collective bathroom and kitchen are clean, but there's no way to control the temperature in the showers. Breakfast was great.

Eastener Hostel

Berlin, Germany

very helpful and friendly staff, cool atmosphere, great location, good kitchen, and heaters and showers work fine. highly recommended.

Mosaic Hostel

Rome, Italy

Staff is very friendly and helpful, and the double room is spatious enough. But there is just one bathroom for a whole floor of travelers, and many times there was no hot water in the shower. I missed some soap in the bathroom and a lift, too.

B&B Ca'Dor

Venice, Italy

the heater was not working, but the room is very nice, decorated in a very Italian way. breakfast was good, too, and it is easy to get to the hostel.

Zeppelin Hostel

Ljubljana, Slovenia

very nice room, friendly staff, great location. the heater was not working though.

Labyrinth Hostels

Vienna, Austria

The room is actually a short corridor with twin beds and very little space. They threat you with fines for everything on the signs, but they dont even take care of the showers, which throw a lot of water away. There is a kitchen, but they lock the cooking pots, and you just realize this after buying lots of food to cook. Finally, I think there are students actually living there, and that makes you feel like you are a intruder in someones else house. The office closes early, etc.

Welcome Hostel Prague Center

Prague, Czech Republic

The rooms occupy a floor in a regular building, very old but interesting. There is wifi, but no kitchen or living room. The office closes at 8 pm. Everything was very clean, and the room was actually very nice, similar to a grannys house. Not very close to touristic points, but in a wAlking distance. Showers and heaters worked fine.

Wombats City Hostel Berlin

Berlin, Germany

Great location, great room, fair breakfast and facilities like hair dryer and plug adapter available for rent. It was a great choice for us.