Reviews: Anonymous

Ocara Hostel

Manaus, Brazil

Good breakfasts, poor bathrooms (many, but door not closing properly, water not always working). They are trying to keep it clean and tidy by painting etc, also the yard is nice, but overall doesn't feel very clean (bathrooms again). Rooms are fine, lockers are outside. Some rooms have AC, some only fan. There is a 10R$ difference in price between them, so it's ok.

Ocara Hostel

Manaus, Brazil

Good breakfast, poor bathrooms. Pool table downstairs. Service in the evening doesn't speak any English.

Mongolian Steppe Guesthouse

Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

Despite having booked the hostel didn't manage to get inside. We even called and asked for someone to come downstairs to pick us up, but nobody came (they did answer the phone though, and confirmed they're there). After the second attempt we gave up and went to another place, where we didn't have a booking. Not recommended, unless you're very patient.

Nerpa Backpackers

Irkutsk, Russia

One of the best hostels on theway. Staff was extremely friendly and helpful. Simply competent. Big hugs to SASHA. Rooms are spacious, kitchen is well equipped and the vibe is simply very good. It is alsoclean and relaxed - you can have a beer and enjoy your stay, but it is not noisy at night (staff makes sure everyone who wnats it gets some decent sleep). Worth recommending in every inch.

Gorky 6 Hostel

Kazan, Russia

We were in fact staying in a hotel room with own bathroom. All the bunk beds were brand new (there was 4 of us staying in the room). Extremely good value for money. Not much of a hostelspirit, but good if you want to rest from backpacker's life for a moment. There are washing machines, but the kitchen didn't have a stove nor an oven. Also we got our registration in Russia for free without even having to ask for it, which was a very nice surprise (and saved us 10EUR per head)

HM Hostel

Moscow, Russia

The place itself was rather nice - spacious and tidy. Common area is very big and pretty. Staff doesn't speak much of anything but Russian though, especially people taking night shifts (we arrived ar 6am and it wasn't the easiest). In general a very nice, tidy (nearly fancy, in hostel standards) place with good facilities, but if you're into the atmosphere - it wasn't there.

Apple Hostel Italy

St Petersburg, Russia

One of the best places we stayed at during our trip. Especially big thank to Alona, thanks to whom this experience was so amazing. Staff very friendly and helpful .You feel more like a guest in somebody's flat, than like a customer. Common area is pleasant to stay at, many bathrooms and to showers, rooms are also ok. I would definitely recommend it to ppl stayin in Skt Petersburg.


Irkutsk, Russia

We didn't in fact stay there, just booked it for the visa. But contact with the staff was really good and no problems with cancellation either.

Backpackers Miyajima

Hiroshima, Japan

Typical party hostel for spring break students. Not for adults. People at the service desk are nice, but it doesn't make up for the hostel standard. Rooms look like prison cells - bare concrete walls, no paint, anything, no room doors, just a curtain, and 4-6 bunks. There is no bed lights either and main light goes off at 11pm. The reception desk is quite fine, whereas once you checked in it's really really creepy.

Himeji 588 Guesthouse

Himeji, Japan

The hostel is a traditional one, with amazing atmosphere and very nice owner. Kitchen in kinda creepy, but other since the owner lives there too it's fine. It's a bit loud and bright at night as the room is in the 1st floor of one of the shopping arcades (typical for Japan). It's also DAMN cold, as rooms have no ceiling (it's one huge room divided with wooden walls that don't go all the way to the top). Overall - interesting for the cultural reasons, but rather for 1-2 night stay.

Yuzan Guest House

Nara, Japan

Room was nice, not very crowded, the downside was that toilet was in only one of the two tiny houses (it's a traditional style place), and it was not my building. Staff is very very helpful so far the best hostel in Japan I stayed at.

Vertigo Vieux-Port

Marseille, France

Very clean and staff extremely helpful. You can leave your luggage there for free for entire day in the storage room. Also they are keen on helping. If I'm going again to Marseilles most likely gonna stay there. Place definitely worth the money. Note: take a padlock with you, if you find your pyjamas and toothbrush precious.