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Location: England, Gender: Female, Age: 22

Seaside Village Rooms

Aegina, Greece

This hostel is actually called Kavos bay. If you get in a taxi and say seaside village rooms they won't have a clue where it is!! Although a nice hostel and very very helpful and caring owners, its very far away from anything really so it is beautiful but its a long walk to get anywhere.

Paraga Beach Hostel

Mykonos, Greece

No customer comment

Soula Hotel

Naxos, Greece

beautiful place to stay! great rooms! shame naxos wasn't really for us though

Katerina And John Hotel

Santorini, Greece

great hostel and katerina and john are lovely and so is their daughter in law who was so helpful! right next to a really great beach and a bus stop so you can go everywhere. on the last night we ate at the restaurant they recommend and it was great!

Hostel Zeus

Athens, Greece

went to bed and could feel bugs in the bed then was forced to get up at 2am to move to a different room as I'm allergic to bed bug bites and both my arms were swollen by this point. they then moved me and my friends to a different room only to put in a new set of people with out dealing with the problem! they also have no lockers or safe places for valuables. hated this hostel.

Atlas Hostels

London, England

this hostel is so hard to find and if you call the phone it will go through to a booking agent so you wont be able to find directions. its small rooms but they have fitted far to many beds in each room so the bunk beds are pretty much touching so you might as well be sleeping in the same bed as a stranger. there is no security lockers for valuables which is very unhelpful and ii found the lady was making up excuses like being tired for the lack of service there was.

Hostal Atlanta

Palma de Mallorca, Spain

Great place to stay! Loved it!!

Globe Backpackers Plymouth

Plymouth, England

Bit annoyed the guy said I could park across the road between 6pm and 10am and by 7pm I had a bloody parking ticket!

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Parking is free between 6pm and 10am.if the client had a ticket after 6pm then she is entitled to challenge it with Plymouth Council as it is clearly marked on the parking meters 6pm-10am Monday - Sunday inc bank holidays.

Surf & Waves Morocco Hostel

Taghazout, Morocco

The hostel was very welcoming and had a great atmosphere. Everyone was so friendly and everyone who was staying there was great company. The shower is pretty gross but everything else is fine. The rooms are a good size and it feels like a home not a hostel. They also so surf hire and trips to paradise valley which was SO nice! I would definitely stay there again. Thanks Hasan!


Had a really great stay here :) everyone was very friendly and rooms were clean and tidy. bathroom was a little gross but that is my only complaint. great location too not far from tube

Cityhostel Berlin

Berlin, Germany

i got bed bugs when i went nearly a week ago and i have horrendous bites all up my arms and legs. obviously its not that clean there. staff are pretty useless and don't seem to have a clue whats going on - they first sent me to a room with no free beds and told me and my friend they didnt have enough room for us to stay together and there was 3 free beds in my room and 2 in hers when we stayed. they dont have a clue.

Czech Inn

Prague, Czech Republic

me and my friends love this hostel! at first we had a mix up in bookings but everything got sorted and everything is beautifully clean and its still cheap. not far from centre, staff are pretty helpful and you can change money in reception. breakfast is AWESOME. would definitley return.

Ostello della Gioventu Benacus

Lake Garda, Italy

antonio is very helpful!


Was awesome at this hostel!! It was so clean yet it was still cheap!! Also loved the bar crawl which got everyone socialising with other hostels as well - might have been better for us as we are English travellers and all the benecassim people were there so it was easy to communicate in English with everyone. Reception were so helpful and free Internet was good too! Will probably be returning as it was lovely there!!

Young & Happy

Paris, France

absolute whole - the banisters broke off as i was walking up the stairs and the wwalls were crumbling. not a very social hostel compared to ours we've been too and the atmosphere wasn't 'young and happy'. location was pretty good and easy to get a metro into the centre. toilets and showers were disgusting.

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Hi Jessica, Thanks for your feedback. We fixed the banister after it's been reported to us. We do our best to give our guests the best atmosphere. We hope you enjoyed your time in Paris. The Young & Happy Management