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Home at The Mansion

Melbourne, Australia

Home @ the mansion is a great hostel! The facilities are top notch, really clean bathrooms and kitchen. It's got a comfy homely atmosphere that is great for hanging out and taking it easy. The location is perfect as well, close to both the downtown CBD area and fitzroy where a lot is going. Staff were for the most part accommodating. Definitely recommended! -stobes

Sunflower Hotel Hoi An

Hoi An, Vietnam

Great place with cheap dorm rooms. Really easy to meet people, fairly clean. Only downsides are the staff aren't too nice and the cleaning staff come in your room at inappropriate times, they should wait a little longer before cleaning. Otherwise, highly recommend.


This place was not for me, was essentially like staying in a club (at least until 11 pm). For a solo traveller, found it pretty hard to meet people because it was so noisy, but going on the tour of the city and the bar crawl at night helped. Breakfast was really nice (had the pancakes) and the staff were nice too. Just too big and noisy for my liking, can get a nicer place for less money (went to little hanoi diamond, I recommend that place).

Studios HK

Hong Kong, Hong Kong

Enjoyed my stay here, met some really nice people in the common room, which has a couch and some chairs. The dorm room was a good size and the bathroom was suitable. Breakfast nothing special, just toast and butter. Location was fantastic, really easy to get on the subway from there. The staff were pretty nice, enjoyed meeting the man from Brazil who runs the joint. Price was steep, but can't find much better in Hong Kong.

Monkey Jane's Guesthouse

Yangshuo, China

No customer comment

Wada Hostel in Guilin

Guilin, China

Love this place! Staff were so nice and actually hung out with the guests by the bar and played some dice- as a solo traveler it was appreciated. Place is clean, you can get a nice breakfast, and they were helpful in organizing trips to the Longji rice terraces and the Li River. Also had a pool table.