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Hostel Backpackers La Fortuna

La Fortuna, Costa Rica

This hostel does not have atmosphere, like usually hostels have . They have only one fridge in the kitchen ,which is not enough for 20 people. It was always packed.

Ximena's Guest House

San Salvador, El Salvador

They have a problem with didn't work all the time. They do not offer access to the kitchen and kitchen facilities ,and fridge the. Everything there was worn out, starting from the beds and finishing on the eating area tables .Website is saying that there is terrace ,but it is only cement roof with 2 dirty plastic tables and 4 chairs. And no view around-only plastic bags and others junky roofs. Our room was really ugly .It was not what I expected.90% in reviews is exaggerate.

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The 90% are other people who seem quite pleased with our hotel and our service (you are of the few who are not satisfied with your stay). Your info about the iinternet is a lie as I personally arranged with the telephone company to fix the error that only lasted half a day,and all the other guests used it just fine after that) We do not have an open kitchen - our website does not say we do. Our rooftop terrace is not dirtly, its clean and donĀ“t expect a luxury room for just $29. Bad judgement

Erupcion Hostel Banos

Banos, Ecuador

Very nice place. And finally we found somebody in Ecuador who speaks English in hostel. If you don't know Spanish this is perfect place for you. They have there a nice restaurant and you are located in the centrum. Close to everywhere. Highly recommended for English speakers.

Hostal Marsella

Quito, Ecuador

Here you got a chance practice your Spanish ,because staff speaks only a little English.

Urban Holiday Lofts

Chicago, USA

Very nice place to saty for a few nights in Chicago.i recomend this hostel to everybody with tight budget. only problem they don't have enough toilets.You have to wait sometimes in line to get one.

Haina Hostal

Cancun, Mexico

Cheap and nice place to stay in Cancun with people around whole world.I would reccomend this hostel to my friends and other travelers.Very simple breakfast -only coffe,juice ,tost bread with butter and jam.Nothing special if you are a very good eater.But location is perfect-close to bus station and restaurants.To go on the beach you need take a bus.So ,make your mind!

El Jardin

Merida, Mexico

The owner was so good for us.I guess next time I would come back to her place.She fixed us a very rich breakfast-fruits,juice ,coffe ,bread and some jam and cheese on begel.The hostel is clean,you can used the kitchen and feel there like in your home.location is perfect-close to downtown and bus station.Even local market and crafts.Highly reccommend this place to other travelers.

Hotel Tunich Beh

Valladolid, Mexico

The best place I stayed during my trip around Yukatan Penisula.New rooms,clean swimming poll,very nice staff working in the hotel.Plus very close to downtown,banks,cathedral and bus station.Well,I would highly reccommend this palce to my friends and other travelers.