Reviews: Anonymous

Location: Kosovo, Age: 36

Residence les Ecrins

Brussels, Belgium

Nice. Friendly host.

Abercorn House Hostel

London, England

Overall satisfied. I guess the only complaint would have to be the noise in the corridors\the slamming of the doors... But again, the value for money is great!

Vittoria B&B

Rome, Italy

Nice host; location very close to central train station, but the neighborhood kind of scary. Breakfast sucks (just a 7 Days chocolate filled roll with some coffe... every day the same).


Excellent host. Always available and ready to help. Only problem is the distance. Yes, there is a metro/bus connection that lasts 30 min to city center, but you could end up waiting 20 up to 40 minutes for the bus.

B&B Juliette House

Verona, Italy

No complaints. Liked it very much. Would have given it a 100% if it had wireless internet!