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Turin, Italy

THOSE BEDS! You could feel every spring, horrible. It all looked great though, like a real hotel. Hence the lack of lockers in the dorm or a kitchen. Breakfast is not worth the 2,50 by the way. And if you do not have a smart phone, get a detailed map of the area at the Tourist Info at the train station. I got terribly lost and even Italians don't seem to know the street? Quite value for money though compared to other options in Turin!


Only minus is the club downstairs of which the music is hearable AND feelable even on the fourth floor. Also the cleaning ladies are really loud even before check-out. Just bring ear plugs cause the location is unbeatable =)

Basel Back Pack

Basel, Switzerland

Prettiest and comfiest dorms I have ever seen, although I must say that the room sizes vary quite a bit...Nonetheless: perfect stay here. Not a party hostel, but I guess that b/c of Basel as a destination. Is quite far out of the centre but you get a free public transport card with your stay so all is good

360 Hostel Barcelona

Barcelona, Spain

Really nice staff! Only bad thing was the sort of long walk to the metro. But since you're so close to the city centre I guess not many people usually would even notice!

360 Hostel Centro

Madrid, Spain

Awesome staff, perfect location, cosy beds in spaceous rooms, great free paella and tapas. Reason for no 100% is because locks on lockers and showers need fixing, as well as hot/cold water! But seriously that's just nitpicking, best hostel I ever stayed in. O, remember to bring earplugs.

Ganbara Hostel

Bilbao, Spain

Amazingly friendly staff, good breakfast, nice showers, nice common area. Just good!


After 5 nights I did get a little fed up with the considerately long metro ride, though for a shorter stay it's fine, especially for the much cheaper price compared to other hostels. They should get their alcohol policy straight cause one night everyone's drinking and it's fine and the other people are threatened to get kicked out because of it? Also get another lady for the breakfast if you want your guests to feel like they're welcome in your hostel! The 'bold' guy at reception is rude also...

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Thanks for your feedback, we'll look into the points you mentioned.

Euro Youth Hostel

Munich, Germany

Never have I seen such a good hostel bar, seriously! Staff is really kind, though their city tips are really commercial, seemingly based on deals with certain restaurants. Beds reaaaaally cosy, both in privates and dorms. Only minus I can think of is that the total amount of two showers for one whole floor may be not enough. Though I did not have any problems during my stay. Breakfast's really good as well, just avoid the colored eggs since the color's not only on the outside ;)

Hostel Alex30

Stuttgart, Germany

Like a cosy hotel! Thought the beers in the bar en the breakfast were a bit expensive as is the cost of your stay but that's compared to other hostels in other cities. Besides this I literally have no complaints: very kind, happy and helpful staff, good beds, good location (about 10 min. walk to the centre) and an amazing kitchen making me want to cook a real meal. Maybe 2 showers on one floor is to little but on the other hand I reckon it's never gonna be busy in Stuttgart ;)

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Thanks very much for your rating. We are very happy to hear that you liked our hostel. We hope to see you again very soon :) Anne, Hostel Alex30


Leipzig, Germany

Did not feel safe walking home alone with guys following me and stuff. Payed to much but when I realized the reception was somehow closed, tried four times but ended up leaving without reaction. Curtains in the room would be nice, as would better wifi since I could not make connection. Also the showers where not covered and in the same room as the toilet. Even though there was no-one there, I would prefer a bit more privacy. Would not stay here again, eventhough it's that cheap.

Hostel Mondpalast

Dresden, Germany

Beds were the best I've ever slept in in a hostel, spaceous nice looking dorms as well. Only the kitchen could use some more pots and pans an maybe a new watercooker. Oh and I found all 4 staff members I met really indifferent and not kind at all. Heard the same from fellow travelers. But overall Mondpalast is just pretty awesome.


Berlin, Germany

Second time I stayed here. Should say enough that I'm wanting to come back and I do have met loads of people who have. Somehow this hostel attracts nice traveleres. Awesome location, maybe not if it is your first time in Berlin. But on the other hand, thís is the real Berlin! Kind staff and hostel-like cleanliness. Not too much but defo not dirty ;) Remember to bring earplugs and maybe eyecovers since the rooms aren't very dark!

Generator Hostel Hamburg

Hamburg, Germany

To be honest, there's not much wrong with Generator Hostel. The only thing that was annoying were the small ensuite bathroom facilities. Normally I avoid hostels with ensuites. It actually sounds better than it is: you can hear everything your roommates are doing and when checking out everyone's running to the same tiny little shower. It's like a cheap hotel so do not expect to meet a lot of people. Everyone's with someone else. Big is not necesarily better. It depens on your wishes. Your choice

Black Sheep Hostel

Cologne, Germany

This hostel was all right, but really too much money for what you get compared to other hostels! No curtains in the room made sleeping difficult but overall it's allright.


Dusseldorf, Germany

I had a really good time at Backpackers-Duesseldorf! The staff's really kind and the overall feel and everything else's pretty good! The only real problem I had was the lack of toilets and showers in comparison to the amount of people staying at the hostel. Did not really have real problems with it since I was staying in March but can imagine it could get a little annoying in busier months. Also, pick the right shower. But really, I think that actually adds up to a hostel its charm!

Boomerang Hostel

Antwerp, Belgium

The only thing that really bothered me were the beds. Once me and my friend chose one, I ended up switching my mattress with another empty bed since I was literally sitting on the bed springs. That night I regretted my actions cause the mattress I had now, had a huge pit resulting in me not being able to move while sleeping...Showers were fine (although I heard others having cold showers, guess I was lucky?) and the common room was cosy. Wouldn't like to stay here longer than 1 night tho.

Carlito's Way

Rome, Italy

Location is fine, near to all public transport. Everyday cleaning is good, only the smell of our bathrooms was disgusting sometimes (something wrong with the sewer?) Staff is friendly and helpful. Only real reason I won't come back are the horrible showers. It's like standing under a sprayer, switching from cold and unbearably hot every 2 minutes.