Reviews: Anonymous

1001 Nights Hostel

Belgrade, Serbia

The owner/staff were very friendly. Its a very cozy place and easy to meet other travelers. Great atmosphere!

Stray Cat Hostel

Istanbul, Turkey

The staff was extremely friendly. Some of the best I have ever met. Always willing to answer questions or give you tips on bars or locations to visit. Location was good and the breakfast was great! If you get bored you can watch the cats wrestle each other. Just don't eat tuna in front of them and expect them to leave you alone.

Homeros Pension

Selcuk, Turkey

Staff was very friendly. Very clean and good location. Thanks for having me!

Greg & Tom Party Hostel

Krakow, Poland

Best hostel I have stayed at. A job well done by the staff! I already recommended it to a few other friends who will be traveling to Krakow. Keep up the great work :-)