Reviews: raquelmourao

Location: Brazil, Gender: Female, Age: 27

Biergarten Hostel

Ilha Grande, Brazil

No customer comment

Castle Rock Hostel

Edinburgh, Scotland

Loved it. :)

Escambo Hostel INACTIVE

Sao Paulo, Brazil

I´m very surprised that I was asked to leave a review since as far as I knew, my reservation was canceled. They called me and told me the hostel was going out of business, but they were still selling beds and just after I found out that on the night I was supposed to be there they had this special event. So, I won´t point fingers but is at least, very weird. By the way, for a hostel going out of business having events and the facebook page always updated is at least weird.

Bella Paulista Hostel

Sao Paulo, Brazil

Amazing. First of all, this was by far the cleanest hostel I´ve ever seen. Just spotless. The room was big and the lokers were huge. Just like the wardrobe we have at our homes with a key, of course. Amazing breakfast, bread, juice, cookies, fruits, cake. Very very good. Very well located, they are very close to Paulista Avenue and a subway station. But the best of all was the staff (specially Veronica and Jaqueline). Very helpfull. I would definetely recommend this hostel to my friends.

YHA London Central

London, England

Just great. You would never wait more that 30 sec to talk to the staff, the bar was very good, the facilities were great, everything was always clean. I would - for sure- stay there again, and I will recomend it.


There were this carpet in the room, I was a little bit afraid to step on it without some shoes, but in general was very clean hostel. In a great location. Staff was helpful, not always nice, but helpful. (Exception, the guy with blue (maybe green) eyes, that work at night - very nice, very helpful, always smiling) I would stay there again, and would recomend it.

Hans Brinker Hostel

Lisbon, Portugal

Very, very, very good. Good location, breakfast, the staff was nice and helpfull, free wi-fi, the hostel was very clean, and everything looked new. I would recomend, and would stay there again. Just one observation, there was this woman, she wasn´t regular staff, she didn´t wear the uniform, but she was always with her own computer at the reception, well, we were a group of 6, and she was always kind of rude with us. I don´t understant why. That gives a very bad impression.

Albergue Studio Hostel

Barcelona, Spain

The hostel is not in the city center, but is next to a tube station, so you can get anywhere very easily. The staff was fine, but they were kinf of unreachable. When I got back from my tours, the reception was always closed, so there was no one to give us info.Breakfast was kinf of weak, but fine. That was the low part, everything else was ok.

Stargate Hostel

Rome, Italy

The hostel was in a very old building, with 5 ou 6 other hotels. The building it self was very dirty with an awful old elevator that virtualy never works. There were no security. The reception were hidden, and anyone could enter the building. The room was small (6 people), and it was NEVER clean. Other low was the wi-fi, only at the lobby, from 9 to 9, and is very expensive. The location was fine, very close to Termini station. The staff was great, very helpful and nice.

Durty Nellys Inn

Amsterdam, Netherlands

The hostel was great.Very good location, the staff was great. The beds were confortable and I felt safe in there. Breakfast could be better considering the rates. Two bad things: the bar and street were loud until very late, so was kind of hard to sleep, the other thing, everytime someone took a shower, the bathroom floor gets entire wet, so, it was awful if someone wanted to take a shower or change clothes. I´ll stay there again and would recomend it.