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Location: USA, Age: 35

Hostel Vista Serena

Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica

Located conveniently in Manuel Antonio, walkable to restaurants, and a short bus ride away from the entrance of the national park. Mixed dorm room beds were affordable and air conditioned. Views from the deck is amazing. Has a basic shared kitchen for making breakfast or packing your own lunch. No hot water in the shower but the weather was hot enough that you didn't need to shower with hot water anyways.

Casa Tranquilo Hostal

Monteverde, Costa Rica

Hostel was very conveniently located, walking distance to town, and the bus to Monteverde national park is right across the street. Staff was very helpful and gave us great tips to restaurants, tours, and directions. Hostel has a lot of character and has free breakfast at the shared kitchen, where you can meet other travelers. Rooms were basic and clean, but it was hard to get enough warm water for the shower, probably for environmental reasons in CR.

Arenal Backpackers Resort

La Fortuna, Costa Rica

Clean basic bedrooms. Staff was friendly and super helpful with directions and helping us book a hiking tour to Arenal volcano. Short walk to the town center with lots of options for restaurants. There is also a pool and a front yard with hammock to chill and relax. Wifi was spotty depending on how many people are logged on.

Shelter City

Amsterdam, Netherlands

It's a good deal for the price you pay. Bascially, a place to put down your backpack, sleep, and shower. Room and facilities are not the most modern, but it's sufficient. The staff is very nice and helpful. Can't beat the location, walking distance to the Central Station and tram stops.

Wombats City Hostel Berlin

Berlin, Germany

Stayed in Wombats in Vienna and loved it, and was not disappointed with the Wombats in Berlin! It's hands down one of the best hostels I've stayed at. Clean and very professionally run. Location was perfect, and close to many great restaurants. I highly recommend the Wombats Hostel chain.


This is one of the best hostels I've stayed at during my Europe trip. Located minutes away from the central station, walkable to the Colloseum, it was very clean, the rooms were spacious, with a big table and chairs, so it doesn't feel crammed like some other hostels. There are also social activities, and option for breakfast/packed lunch.

Archi Rossi Hostel

Florence, Italy

Great location! 5 min away from the train station. walkable to all the major attractions in Florence. This hostel also has the best free breakfast out of all the hostels I've stayed at in Europe. My only complaint is that there was barely any water coming out of the shower head in my first floor room.

Rialto Star

Venice, Italy

While I had a very enjoyable stay, and the location of the hostel is great, the floors in the rooms look like they haven't been vacuumed in months, the sheets were clean but the comforter looks like it needs some serious cleaning. Also, there are DEFINITELY bed bugs here. I got both mosquito bites and bed bug bites in this hostel. You can tell the difference by googling images of the bites. Stay here at your own risk!

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Dear, The room you are talking about (8 beds female dorm) has been closed for disinfestation and all people moved. We didn't find any bugs but we prefer to do it for prudence. Unfortunately these bugs have nothing to do with cleanliness but are brought by other travelers in their luggage. I'm happy to tell you that nobody complained anymore. Kind Regards. Sweet Dreams Staff.


Location, social atmosphere, free breakfast, and option for dinner was great. However, the rooms felt crowded and smelled musty. There was definitely always a rush to get to the only bathroom shared by 13 people in the morning. Would be nice to have more shared bathrooms and showers.


One of the best hostels I've stayed at during my trip this time. It is definitely a very social hostel, with lots of options for walking tours and activities. I had paella dinner my first night and the chef also played classical guitar! In the evening, they had a live band playing swing music. The rooms were very clean and overall the place has a lot of character. Beds were made of solid wood instead of the squeaky metal frames like in most other hostels.

HostelOne Sevilla Alameda

Seville, Spain

I had a great stay at the hostel. The staff were nice and very helpful. The rooms were clean. The only thing is that the location is kind of a hike from the center of the town. It's a 20 min walk, but feels farther after you've been doing an entire day of walking, or if you'd like to drop by the hostel in the middle of the day. However, it is close to the bus stops that take you to the train station, which is a plus.


If you're looking for a very social hostel atmosphere, this is not the place. But it was exactly what I was looking for. Centrally located, 2 min walk from the Mezquita, lots of restaurants, it was clean, quiet, convenient, with free breakfast included. I had a great stay here and would love to come back again.

Way Hostel

Madrid, Spain

Great staff, great location in Madrid, walkable to all of the major sites with lots of restaurants nearby. A very social hostel for meeting other travelers. Rooms were clean and simple.

Enter Privates

Budapest, Hungary

Great location in an old apartment building near the subway stop. Conveniently located near many restaurants, grocery stores, and a post office. Rooms are very clean and there is a computer with free internet as well. Would definitely stay there again!


Very clean and convenient. Would definitely stay at a Wombat Hostel again!