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Timeless Hostel

Lijiang, China

Best part of this hostel was the staff...incredibly helpful and informative, and they were very available to assist me, a traveler who spoke very little Chinese. All my questions were answered. The hostel's location is pretty good in the Old Town, a little bit away from the most action-packed center. Timeless had everything I needed: lockers, good bathroom, places to hang out, reading light! It is well-equipped. I'd definitely come recommend Timeless among the multitude of hostels in Lijiang!

Gongkaew Chiangmai Home

Chiang Mai, Thailand

Gong Kaew Home treated us extremely well. It is an excellent place to hang out; the architecture and common area both were really great. The staff was quite helpful and fairly present. Our room was super clean and felt very new (because it was). The location is fine if you are okay with walking; otherwise, it is easy to get a tuk tuk or hop into a truck. Sweet place. Would definitely stay here again...although someone needs to kill the rooster that provides the 5:00 a.m. wake-up call every morn.


Super nice place. Had many convenient amenities. The owner of the hostel was super helpful - told us everything we wanted or needed to know. There is a nice dog there. The beds and blankets were incredibly comfortable. All good!

Orange Village Hostel

San Francisco, USA

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Loved how cheery and helpful the staff was! Very nice, eager to help. Rooms are fine. Bathrooms were bare minimum (which suited me just fine), although the water wasn't always running.

The Hump Hostel

Kunming, China

This hostel is probably the best equipped hostel I have ever been to in my long life of 28 years. Absolutely anything can be found in this huge, loaded place: travel info, clothing washing essentials, food, internet access. You name it, they have it. Very satisfied with the stay here.

Trekker Camp

Chiang Mai, Thailand

Good place - free breakfast! We borrowed bikes from the hostel for no charge. The staff was quite friendly. Rooms are basic but have what travelers need. The only thing was that it was a bit far from the city center, where all the action is. It is no problem biking in but without bikes, you have to take a tuk tuk or jeep thingie - -

Galaxy Hotel & Capsule

Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

Some of the staff didn't seem to care that we were there; other members of staff were very helpful, calling and making reservations for our transport. Dorms are fine; the bathrooms are right there next to your bed (good? bad?). Excellent spot in town, next to all the tour places and other hostels, and within walking distance of other points of interest.

B&B Hanoi Hostel

Hanoi, Vietnam

One of the best hostels I have ever been at! The staff was AMAZING...they went the extra mile in every way possible for us (example: my friend left her phone at a karaoke place on the other side of town, and one of the B&B Hanoi Hostel staff came with us via taxi to help retrieve it). I would highly highly recommend this lodging.

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Dear Guests, Thank you so much for your valuable time to sharing such as the great comment on the site of and special thank you choosing B & B Hanoi Hostel by your recentlt stayed in Hanoi. We are happy to know that Our hostel'service are meeting your expectation , we will try our best to maintain Our Hostel service and drive the right way to serve all of the Guests. Thank you again & Best regards, Kevin & Hostel' Team B & B Hanoi Hostel.

New Dragon Gate Inn

Dunhuang, China

I loved the environment here...very cool common area, loved the decor. I recommended it to two of my friends who were coming through Dunhuang after I was, and they liked it a lot, too. Good experience!


Solid place - loved that it was right next to South Lake, although it is a little far from the city center. Good people there, cool common area, I felt free to come and go. They let me leave my bags and offer a laundry service, which is what you need out in the hot west of China. Thanks for a good experience - -

Antalya Dantel Pension

Antalya, Turkey

I loved staying at Dantel. The only difficulty I had was locating the place initially, but other than that, all was awesome. The location is very close to everything a visitor would want to do in Antalya. The owner's directions and breakfast were great, and he was very flexible and accomodating when my travel plans changed. The rooms were clean and well-supplied, and the heater worked wonders on my freezing body. Thanks for a great stay!

Man Cheng Hostel

Qingdao, China

Staff here was SUPER accommodating - showing me where to eat, giving directions, making me feel very welcome. Awesome! This is the most important thing for me. The location of the hostel is also perfect; right down near many interesting spots on the southwestern tip of the peninsula. Everything else at the hostel was fine; it was clean, accessible, full of people, and had everything I'd need (locks/lockers, maps, internet access/wifi, etc.). If I return to Qingdao, I'll be heading here for sure.


Excellent staff...super friendly! Kaye and Jane were especially cool! The cats...not so friendly...they didn't seem excited to see me, or anyone. I don't know what their problem is ;-) Location next to subway is superb; tours are very reliable, and you get what you pay for. I also felt really relaxed at Lazy's a chill place. If I am ever in Chengdu again, I'll be staying here! Thanks for a splendid time!

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Thanks for your comment ;) For the unexcited cats, you know one is called Lazy another one is called bone, they are lazybones and take everything too much easy ^^ Hope to see you again,

All Nations Guesthouse

Hua Hin, Thailand

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Kriss Guesthouse

Phnom Penh, Cambodia

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