Reviews: Anonymous

Location: Brazil, Gender: Female, Age: 34

Oh So Indie House Hostel

Moscow, Russia

Staff and location are great!!!!! But the place is in desperate need of renovations... Specially the shower/toilets facilities. Other then that, I would be back!

YHA London Oxford Street

London, England

The real draw here is the location. It couldn't be a better location! It is absolutely perfect!!! But it is extremely expensive even for London... And they charge everything, even wifi! If you have time in the city, you can find equally good hostels at half the price in good locations also. The only reason to stay here is if you have just a couple of days in the city and want to stay in walkable distance from most sights.

Cheers Hostel

Istanbul, Turkey

One of the best hostels I've ever stayed in!!! First time I really got the felling of "home away from home"! The staff is amazing!!! Great atmosphere for meeting people and make friends!!! Perfect location for sightseeing! Would definitely stay again! Only one small but: could use more sockets in the dorms.

Rethymno Youth Hostel

Crete, Greece

It's more like camping than hosteling. Very precarious, low security, not very clean. But excellent location and for a price that low, you can't really expect much else...

Santorini Hostel Kykladonisia

Santorini, Greece

Kind and helpfull staff!!! Clean and comfortable! But basically there is no security as the rooms are not in the hostel but facing a side street and there are no lockers. As people regularly forget to lock the room door, I once caught a man picking through the slightly open door... Fortunately, Fira is a save city, but at least card keys in the doors would be safer.

Atheaton Traditional Hotel

Nafplio, Greece

Good location, clean, air con is a big plus... Nice place.

Athens Backpackers

Athens, Greece

Very good hostel! Great quality for money!!! Great, helpful staff! Location couldn't be better!!! The only downs were that there were only 3 sockets in our 6 bed dorm which was a nuisance. Also, the lift kept breaking and there was no banister on the stairs. A bit unsafe...

Pride of Paddington

London, England

This place has the potential to be a great hostel! In the future... For now the showers and toilets were filthy at 10am (when most people take their shower) and drunk/junkie guys wandered the hostel and knocked at the female dorm's door repeatedly at 2am. Scared everyone. But the staff seemed genuinely sorry for the situation and everyone was extremely kind. The only exception was a really blond girl who acted as if she hated her job and the guests. Everyone was complaining of her in my dorm

YHA London Oxford Street

London, England

Best location in London! Really! Helpful and friendly staff! Very well equipped with individual lights and sockets for each bed! But on the down side, they charge you for EVERY little thing! And charge for breakfast AND wifi (that doesn't even work on the rooms!) is just rude...

Caledonian Backpackers

Edinburgh, Scotland

Great hostel! Loved it and recommend it! Only one complain: the staff was quite rude...

Euro Hostel Glasgow

Glasgow, Scotland

This desn't feel like a hostel at all, more like a chain hotel... No real character... My linen had some kind of brown "goo" at the borders, but other than this it was clean with a nice bed! Serious security problem was that only those big, heavy padlocks worked with the safes on the rooms! If your padlock was average, no good! When I complaint they told me to go buy a new one! Come on... Oh, and they CHARGE you to leave your bags in the reception if you need it! I've never seen that before!


The perfect hostel! Loved it!


Wonderful hostel!!! Second best of all my experiences in Europe! Great staff, very clean, perfect location and lots of fun!!! Love it and look forward to go back!

Vertigo Vieux-Port

Marseille, France

Really good hostel! Highly recommend it! Great location!

Academy Hostel

Florence, Italy

Excellent hostel! Definitely the best on my european trip so far!!! Love it!

Samay Hostel Sevilla

Seville, Spain

No customer comment

Pension Britz

Granada, Spain

It need some work... Everything looks old and shabby... But the location can't be beat and is clean! All and all, needs a spruce.

Itaca Hostel

Barcelona, Spain

Great hostel! Highly recommended! Wonderful staff! Loved it!