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Athens, Greece

There is no professional attitude, nor a city tour guide or a city map. The hostel direction is a worse one, if not for Demitris, Maram - the receptionists, I don't think the Hostel is of any good except an inn w/ a bed - no hospitality; greetings or any guiding info for a client to a city or country.

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Sorry you didn't enjoy your stay. We offer a free walking tour every day, unfortunately we had ran out of maps while you staying . Free maps are available now The receptions gave all the information required to enjoy your stay Athens

Abraham Hostel Jerusalem

Jerusalem, Israel

Jerusalem is the second best hostel I have encountered on my annual vacation. Very clean, professional, friendly atmosphere; offering more than enough. Location is good close to market. I strongly recommend to travellers, except direction to hostel is not clear enough on where to get the tram, & there is no existing sherut from airport.

Castle Hostel Istanbul

Istanbul, Turkey

Due to greediness,unprofessional attitude discouraged me when I checked in, since he hoped to have a group or family like to rent instead of for One only, that's very unprofessional attitude. I hope that will not happen to other future guests, this attitude must be changed, besides that he has a personal liking to individual guest which annoyed many of us in the same room. Pls forward him this comment. Thanks.

Hostel Ruthensteiner Vienna

Vienna, Austria

I do really appreciate the nice way the staffs treat clients, fast, courteous,helpful on the overall, I definitely would like to recommend to all friends around the world which I also did share my comments on your Hostel with other Hostels on my last trip in six countries.