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Living Cat's Hostel

Madrid, Spain

The security is good as long as you keep everything - i mean everything - in the locker. Someone from the staff stealed my cell phone charger and my roomeate had been stealed the day before. When i say this to the person in charge - the argentinian guy - he says that it is absolutely impossible that someone from the staff could steal anything

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Hello! My name is Ana, Cat's Hostel Manager. we are very surprised with your review, it´s the first time i´m aware of a story like this. I have absolute confidence in my staff, but could you please let me know more about this? i will assure you i will have a look at it. Ana


I thought the atmosphere at the hostel was going to be better. No one was up for the pub crawls and other events. The dinner at the hostel - 7€ - was bad considering its high cost. Still the 15 bed room was very cheap.

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Sorry if we didn't meet your expectations but in these days you stayed we had really crazy parties all together with other guests, starting at dinner in the terrace and in the clubs till 6am. We also tried to involve you and the friends you were with when we meet at Sala Gold... Dinner at the hostel is 5€ with a beer, it's 7€ just on Sunday for the BBQ more salad and beer.

Roger's House

San Sebastian, Spain

The paella was awesome