Reviews: brunamimi

Location: Brazil, Gender: Female, Age: 27

Do Step Inn

Vienna, Austria

This hostel looks like a hotel, really good accommodations for a little price, super close to the subway or a nice walk from the center. The bar is quite a disappointment but the common area and the guest kitchen are big and modern so you can buy your food and drinks at the market and have them there. They don't have evening events or anything like gray but still, a great hostel.

Carpe Noctem Vitae

Budapest, Hungary

Very nice hostel, well localized and close to everything. The staff is the best and they do all they can to make you feel home. Good place for lonely travelers couse they have plans for every night if you wanna join. They also have the family dinners where they cook some nice meal for the price of the ingredients and you get to know the staff and the guests. Would definitely stay here again.

Czech Inn

Prague, Czech Republic

Good and very cheap hostel, almost like a hotel. The breakfast was really good but maybe a little bit expensive compared to the prices you find in the city. The bar is very nice and cozy but people don't go there often. A bit far from downtown but close to bus and tram stop. If you don't mind walking the neighborhood is safe and you can get to the center in 20 min. I would came back.

Stayokay Amsterdam Stadsdoelen

Amsterdam, Netherlands

This hostel net is great, they have a really good breakfast and nice bedrooms, hot shower, and the location is great, right next to the red light district and a few minutes away from the center if you're walking. Next to a supermarket too. The hostel has no bar but they aloud you to drink your beverages there, with is great couse you can buy beer at the market and drink there. They could have a guest kitchen once there is no bar or restaurant but anyway, its a really good hostel.


Good hostel, although our bethroom was really smelly and small. The bedroom itself was awesome, we stayed at a privete room for 2 and it looked like a hotel, with TV and everything. The location was ok, near to the center once Bruges is a small town, like 15 minutes walking. The pub next to the hostel is really good, they have a lot of different beers and a delicious soup and others snacks for a very good price. Eat the fries and the carrot soup, it was really good. Breakfast was ok.

Stayokay Amsterdam Zeeburg

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Great hostel! I'd booked a privet room for 2 but somehow we end up in a room for 7, but just for ourselves. It was really good, really good bedroom, the bar is amazing and the bikes we rented were great. The breakfast was really complete, totally worth it! Not so close to the center but Amsterdam is a small town so you can walk a little or take the bus easily. My advice: rent a bike! It makes the trip so fun!! It could have a guest kitchen but it is a REALLY GOOD hostel and really cheap!

Ivanhoe Hostel

Rome, Italy

Don't let yourself be fooled, it is NOT A PARTY HOSTEL. The common area is ridiculous and closes at midnigth, after that you can go to bed or outside. If you wanna a hot shower you must wake up early 'couse if everybody takes showers at the same time there will not be hot wather. The kitchen also closes at 1 AM and during the day, you must leave the hostel from 11AM to 4PM, you can't stay there at this time! The only good thing here is the location, side by side to the Colisseum.

Heart of Gold Hostel

Berlin, Germany

If you wanna a place to have fun and meet people, that is the place. The bedrooms are great, even the 32 people bedroom, actualy it is like small bedrooms without doors, but great. The bar of the hostel is realy cheap and 24 hours, and one of the guys of the stuff was soo hot! haha The breakfast shouldn't be charged, or maybe they could charge like 1 euro, that would be enough. Great location, I would definitely stay here again.

Shelter City

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Well, that is a great hostel, the only problem is that IT IS A CRISTIAN HOSTEL, INSIDE THE RED LIGHT DISTRICT, I mean, realy inside the red light. So, if you wanna party in Amsterdam like everybody else, you may have problems. As I said, that were a realy good hostel, those rules were the only bad thing, but they have a nice breakfast and some nigths the dinner is for free. If you don't mind drinking and doing other stuff outside, that's a nice place to stay 'couse the localization is great.

Plug-Inn Boutique Hostel

Paris, France

Excellent hostel, the bedrooms were a bit small but, everything else, great. Realy well located, close to the Moulin Rouge, the breakfast were great, friendly stuff. I woul totally stay here again.

Albergue Studio Hostel

Barcelona, Spain

Well, lets start. Realy small bedrooms, not friendly stuff, there is no kitchen, I mean, there is one but you can't use it, you have a microwave and a fridge, but you can't leave alcohol inside it. Stuff doesn't speak english so, if you're not a catalan expert, be prepared. The breakfast were fine, ok, so was the wifi. The location is terrible! There is a subway station realy close to the hostel but it is FAR WAY of the center. The neighborhood is terrible, there is nothing to do outide.

Las Musas Hostel

Madrid, Spain

Great hostel, close to everything, nice stuff, REALY NICE KITCHEN, good bedrooms and bethrooms, and they have a lot of things for you to do if you don't want to sleep early or don't know were to go during the day. I would stay here again for sure.

Lisbon Old Town Hostel

Lisbon, Portugal

Nice hostel, realy nice stuff, the bedrooms were good but the beds a bit noisy. The bethrooms could be a little bit bigger but that was fine. The breakfast were very nice and they let it at the kitchen after the breakfast time so you can eat it anytime you want. Be prepared to ride a big hill to get to the hostel. I would definitely stay here again.