Reviews: coalnoise

Location: Canada, Gender: Male, Age: 24

The Secret Garden Cotopaxi

Cotopaxi National Park, Ecuador

I loved everything about the Secret Garden Cotopaxi! Other than the fact it rained most of the time I was there...great facilities, 3 delicious meals a day, awesome location (if you like was so far from anything, an awesome getaway). Lots of hikes to do nearby which are all easily accessible and organized by the staff. Speaking of the staff, the volunteers, Sophia, Victor and Rami were all awesome people and very helpful. Can´t recommend this place enough!

Vibes Hostel

Quito, Ecuador

Unfortunately (as it is a party hostel), I was there at the wrong time, since during the weekend of the presidential election in Ecuador there was no booze allowed to be sold or consumed in the entire country! A shame as I was looking forward to the Chiva bus pub crawl haha. Otherwise, pretty cool atmosphere at the place, very laid back, a little noisy but it is in La Mariscal district so that can´t really be helped. Lockers in the room and a gate at the front so it´s fairly secure. Overall good